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Innovative US company Erbi Biosystems joins AdBIOPRO as new industrial partner

Published Mar 23, 2022

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska University Hospital and Lund University partner with Erbi Biosystems to develop intensified bioprocesses, covering biologics, gene and cell therapies.

BOSTON and STOCKHOLM, March 23, 2022: Erbi Biosystems Inc. joins AdBIOPRO as the eighth industrial partner in a key knowledge generating consortium. Erbi manufacturers dose-scale cell therapy and continuous culture microbioreactors which are used by the biopharma industry to accelerate the development of their processes and therapies.

“We recognize the unique focus on biomanufacturing technology of AdBIOPRO. This international collaboration will progress technology development and knowledge in continuous bioproduction allowing development of new medicines, including therapeutic antibodies, gene and cell therapies (ATMPS),” says Kevin Lee, a co-founder of Erbi.

Erbi’s technology platform drives radical change in process development for advanced therapies through microfluidics, mL-scale perfusion bioprocessing and optical sensing. The Breez™ microbioreactor will be used in AdBIOPRO to support high cell density perfusion process development in several projects.

“We are very pleased to welcome Erbi as new partners to the Competence Center. Their technology of miniaturized bioreactor operating in perfusion mode is very interesting and highly relevant for AdBIOPRO, which has today achieved the structure and momentum to progress innovation and thus contribute to speed up developments to bring new medical products out to health care systems and society,” says Veronique Chotteau, Director of AdBIOPRO.


AdBIOPRO, The Competence Centre for Advanced BioProduction, provides a dynamic hub for cutting-edge knowledge and technology development for biologics manufacturing to the pharmaceutical industry. We focus on the paradigm shift towards next generation bioproduction by continuous processes, and on manufacturing of emerging Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products (ATMPs), such as gene and cell therapy products. AdBIOPRO is funded by VINNOVA, Sweden´s Innovation Agency, and the collaborating industrial and academic partners of the Competence Centre.

AdBIOPRO is driven by the complementary expertise of five team at KTH, Lund University and the Karolinska Cell Therapy Centre (KCC) at Karolinska University Hospital together with eight industrial partners; Sobi, Cobra Biologics, BioInvent, Cytiva, Valneva, ERBI Biosystems Inc., MAGic Bioprocessing, and XNK Therapeutic. The three latter companies are SMEs, each with unique products that closely match the focus of AdBIOPRO. All the eight industrial partners are international leaders in their respective areas.

The academic expertise constellation with world-leading and recognized competence in their respective fields, covers mammalian/human cell bioprocessing, cell omics characterization, gene therapy, GMP manufacturing for cell therapy, downstream processing and control as well as mathematic modelling, process optimization and control. In particular, Chotteau’s and Nilsson's groups at KTH and Lund University are international leaders for continuous cell culture and continuous purification respectively, and their combined competence in AdBIOPRO is unique on a global perspective. The KCC lead by Blomberg has a track record of ≥ 40 GMP productions of ATMPs used for human therapeutic trials. More information on

About Erbi Biosystems

Erbi Biosystems develops high-performance novel cell bioprocessing technology that rapidly impacts the velocity of process development – allowing a higher rate of knowledge advancement. The technology is being extended into GMP cell therapy manufacturing, where it promises to drastically improve patient access due to the reduction in labor, open handling, and cleanroom requirements. Through high-intensity processing, the platform requires less than 10% of the existing footprint to deliver faster and higher-quality therapeutic processes.

Originally spun-out from MIT in 2020, the company expanded into new facilities north of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company has systems installed worldwide, including in the US, Europe, and China, supported by a US applications team and regional distributors.

About Breez™

Breez solves the problem of manual and low-density cell therapy processes, which are restricting patient access to new autologous and allogeneic therapies. The fully automated, sterile, single-use dose-scale bioreactor includes online sensing and controls that deliver sophisticated feeding strategies, cell concentration, and media exchanges resulting in performance that far exceeds the static and rocking bag reactors typically used today. The current 2mL volume can deliver up to 400M cells, sufficient for almost all development needs.

Media Contact for AdBIOPRO:
Associate Professor Veronique Chotteau, AdBIOPRO Director
Phone: +46 8 790 96 28

Media Contact for Erbi Biosystems:
Travis Foegler
Phone: +1 (619) 450-9094

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