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Salary review

The work on this year’s salary reviews is in full swing. In the course of the process, we will consistently send information to all of the managers at the school to ensure that everyone gets the same information.

The timetable for this work is presented below. If you have questions, contact ITM’s HR Manager, Anna Thöresson Berg,

Regler och riktlinjer för lönesättning vid KTH
Regulations and guidelines for salary level setting at KTH

If everything proceeds according to plan, disbursements should be made on 23 December 2017!


When                                                        What
By 31 May 2017 Joint/separate information
1-30 June 2017 Identify what is included in the review
13 June 2017 Training session for managers setting salaries
7-14 Aug 2017 Entry of salary data in the salary review module
15 Aug-15 Sept 2017 Info meeting on salary process at workplace/dept. meeting
1-30 Sept 2017 Salary discussions under way
1-31 Oct 2017 Salary setting talks Saco-S
1-31 Oct 2017 Negotiations with OFR/S (ST) and SEKO
1-30 Nov 2017 Negotiations Saco-S, non-agreed salary talks
1 Nov-15 Dec 2017 Feedback new salary
23 Dec 2017 Disbursements of new salary

/Christina Carlsson, Head of administration