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The school administration has moved!

It’s gotten crowded in Sing Sing. The Education Administration received more employees in connection with the school gaining a new department on 1 January 2018, the Department of Learning. Jan, Pär, Christina have moved into the library building. Jenni, the school’s new Communications Manager, will also be moving in.

We are now on the 4th floor of the southern tower. You are all warmly welcome to join us for coffee if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

/Christina Carlsson, Head of Administration

Salary review

The work on this year’s salary reviews is in full swing. In the course of the process, we will consistently send information to all of the managers at the school to ensure that everyone gets the same information.

The timetable for this work is presented below. If you have questions, contact ITM’s HR Manager, Anna Thöresson Berg, atb@kth.se.

Regler och riktlinjer för lönesättning vid KTH
Regulations and guidelines for salary level setting at KTH

If everything proceeds according to plan, disbursements should be made on 23 December 2017!


When                                                        What
By 31 May 2017 Joint/separate information
1-30 June 2017 Identify what is included in the review
13 June 2017 Training session for managers setting salaries
7-14 Aug 2017 Entry of salary data in the salary review module
15 Aug-15 Sept 2017 Info meeting on salary process at workplace/dept. meeting
1-30 Sept 2017 Salary discussions under way
1-31 Oct 2017 Salary setting talks Saco-S
1-31 Oct 2017 Negotiations with OFR/S (ST) and SEKO
1-30 Nov 2017 Negotiations Saco-S, non-agreed salary talks
1 Nov-15 Dec 2017 Feedback new salary
23 Dec 2017 Disbursements of new salary

/Christina Carlsson, Head of administration



Information ahead of the autumn 2017 semester

Archiving of Bilda

KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is terminating its Bilda system agreement with Ping Pong. The termination comes into effect on 31 Dec 2017. To replace Bilda, KTH is implementing Canvas. The School of Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM) holds courses in this. If you have any questions, please contact Anna Jerbrant, director of first-cycle courses and study programmes (GA).

A public authority such as KTH has a responsibility to archive various types of documents/outcomes. There are also rules on how long it is before such materials can be disposed of.

KTH has now procured an archive licence. As this gives all of us access to the materials for three years, we have more time to analyse what has been saved in Bilda and if it needs to be archived for a longer period. The items that have to be saved for a long period are detailed in KTH’s document management plan. Unless otherwise stated, this latter constitutes the public authority’s decision on disposal.

We will be returning to this subject when we have received more information from KTH/University Administration (UF).

Examination rules at KTH


In 2013, KTH implemented scanning of examination papers. Ahead of this, there had been a general mapping out of the examination situation at KTH’s course-giving units. This mapping out showed: wide variations in examination administration; various interpretations of the examination regulations; and, differences in examination invigilators’ implementation and practical handling of written examinations. Around 100,000 students a year sit examination papers at KTH. There are also several partial examinations that have the same format as standard examinations and are handled in the same way.

As the steering documents did not meet the need for clear guidance in the various situations that arise in current written examination sittings, the need for a review of examination rules at KTH was palpable. Proposals for new examination rules were finalised in March 2017 and were then circulated for comment to the GA group and the education committee. The issue was prepared in the education committee on 8 Mar 2017 and 10 May 2017. Statements from the education committee have been taken into consideration in the new proposal currently under consideration.

In the autumn 2017 semester, ITM will be implementing examination rules developed in line with the above. The school’s director of studies group will be supplementing KTH’s examination rules from an ITM perspective.

We will be returning with more information on this in the autumn 2017 semester.

I wish you all a wonderful, sunny summer!

/Christina Carlsson, Head of administration

What’s happening in administration?

The Dean of the School has set up two new projects to define what needs there are with regard to

  • The school’s MSc programmes as regards the producer side. Caroline Ahlstedt has been appointed project manager. The project is already underway.
  • The school’s centres of excellence. Sarah Golibari has been appointed project manager. The project is already underway.

The projects will be run in project form beginning with a round of interviews concerning needs and wishes that exist at the school. A reference group has been appointed.

Computer workstations

Work is going on at KTH to coordinate IT operations and support with the aim of minimising work duplication and using KTH’s resources more efficiently. A further aim is to reduce the total cost of activities such as investments, operation and development in local platforms at KTH. Five of KTH’s schools are already in this environment.

The Dean of School has decided to transfer the school’s IT services to KTH’s IT department. The process for this is as follows:

  • Prerequisites and scope
  • Inventorying and mapping
  • Implementation of requirements/needs
  • Design of services
  • Introduction projects
  • Administration

The school has appointed a reference group. The project is being run by KTH’s IT department under the management of Hans Wolfarth.

Service centre

ITM’s newly set up service centre is now up to speed and cases are dropping into our new case management system. At present we’re working hard to adapt quickly to demand. If you have questions or suggestions for improvements, don’t hesitate to contact:

Annika Lilja, anlil.kth.se

Christina Carlsson, chrisinta.carlsson.itm.kth.se

We really need your views and comments to be able to offer the basic services we have set up.

Yours sincerely
Christina Carlsson, Head of Adminstration