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The first period of this academic year has passed

Now the first period of this academic year has passed and I hope you all consider the courses and examinations within your responsibility as successful.

When it comes to educational issues – at both ITM-school level as well as KTH level – several important things are ongoing:

The first very important, and gratifying, thing is that the President (together with the Vice Dean) of KTH decided to transform the track Industrial technology and sustainability (within CMAST) into a separate master of science in engineering program. This is something that the ITM-school has worked for during a long time and therefore this is very welcome news.

I also hope that all teachers with courses that ends in P1 has seen the information from the canvas project that they this week released a new feature that facilitates performance reporting from Canvas to Ladok. The function is accessed from the left menu in all canvas webpages under the name “Exportera Resultat (BETA)”. If you have any questions about this please contact the Canvas project manager Michael Welin-Berger.

Finally, KTH has decided to implement målrelaterade betygskriterier (target-related grading criterias) on all courses with a graduated grading scale. These målrelaterade betygskriterier are to be introduced to all KTH courses in a step by step model from now on. This means that from HT18 all new courses needs to have målrelaterade betygskriterier, from HT19 all courses that are included in special eligibility needs to have it and from HT20 every course at KTH will have målrelaterade betygskriterier. It is the examiner’s responsibility that the grading criteria is published in the course PM prior to course start, and also that they are available after the course has been completed. If you want to read more about this view document v-2017-0740 at kth.se.

/ Anna Jerbrant, GA

GA reports

So, now the semester has started and all the P1 courses is up and running. When it comes to our teaching and programs several important things are ongoing at KTH. We have all begun to use Canvas as our new LMS system, and even though the implementation of Canvas has been smooth using it extensively in our teaching has unfolded both its benefits and drawbacks. Overall I have talked to a lot of teachers that are satisfied with the functions in Canvas, but of course several of us has discovered a lot of “childhood deceases”. Hopefully these will be corrected as soon as possible.

Also, I hope everyone knows that new rules for written exams will be introduced with exam period 1, H17. Information to the students about the new rules is posted on the web:



And yesterday, on the 21st of September an e-mail has been sent to all students at KTH (about 12 000) regarding the new rules. But, since all teachers probably will receive a lot of questions regarding this it’s important that you all have good knowledge of the new rules.

Finally, I just want to give you a brief summary of the interesting discussions that I took part in this Wednesday. KTHs new vice president Anna Wahl and Nationella sekreteriatet för genusforskning arranged a conference day where the focus was to discuss the importance of equlity integration in higher education. Representatives from more than 20 different universities participated in the conference and shared knowledge and experience on f.i. how to enhance gender and equality issues in both teaching, communication, recruitment activities as well as the management systems. Very interesting!

/ Anna Jerbrant, GA

GA blog post

Finally we have reached the end of the spring semester after a very intense period. The last couple of weeks my time has been filled with both examination, research conferences and the graduation ceremony for masters, masters of engineering and architects in the City Hall. The graduation ceremony was a new experience for me, and during this ceremony the presentation of the diplomas to each graduate was mixed with musical entertainment by the KTH academic orchestra conducted by director musices Gunnar Julin and the student choir. It was a very impressive and an incredible nice arrangement, I really appreciated the opportunity to present and congratulate all of ITMs graduates 🙂

But I have also, as probably most of you, put a lot of time the last couple of weeks on grading, for example master thesis projects. I really think supervising master thesis projects is a rewarding teaching effort, since these students are almost finished with their education and therefore are ready to apply all parts of it. It’s thrilling to be able to see the students execute this in a satisfactory way.

Finally, some educational issues being discussed at KTH tight now. For instance; there is a lot of discussions on how to enhance the quality assurance process (course evaluations and analyses), what the content of the program analysis should be, and off course the shift from Bilda till Canvas. Hope you all have attended a workshop and feel prepared for teaching with the help of Canvas as of this fall semester.

But before we all start to think about the fall I want to wish you all a Glad Midsommar and hope you have a nice vacation.

/ Anna Jerbrant, GA

Time to summarize

A very intense week is about to be completed, since the term is about to end. Time to summarize all P4 courses and complete the work of writing and correcting all the examination. But this week has also offered other exciting and interesting education-focused events. For instance, yesterday (on Wednesday) all the schools GA & PA had a rally discussing both the program analysis, that all schools recently have developed, as well as different prioritized development inquiries, performed during the spring. It was interesting to note that there are several common progress areas where we can benefit from networking and collaboration. For instance, lots of the presentations discussed the need for increased sustainability, gender equality and quality assurance in several of the educations.

Next week we can look forward to having a dialogue focused on educational quality with e.g. the President Sigbritt Karlsson and also the vice dean of faculty Per Berglund (who is responsible for the education at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels). It will give us the possibility to describe and discuss the strengths and opportunities, as well as threats, for all of our education on 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle level at the school. Hopefully it will be rewarding.

But for now, let’s enjoy the coming summer weather and bring e.g. the master thesis reading with us outdoors.

/ Anna Jerbrant, GA

”Ny vecka och ny vardag. Men ändå inte.”

Så inledde rektor Sigbritt Karlsson sin blogg i måndags, och jag kan bara hålla med. Det har den här veckan har Campus känts annorlunda, stillsamt; kanske eftersom många av lärarna haft påsklov och kanske för att många av studenterna förberett sig inför omtentorna, men troligtvis eftersom ni, liksom jag, på olika sätt funderat och reflekterat kring den tragedi som inträffade på Drottninggatan i fredags.

Men samtidigt händer det också mycket medryckande saker kring utbildningsfrågorna på KTH & ITM just nu. I skolledningen har vi arbetat med det skriftliga underlag som ska lämnas in i slutet av april inför dialogen med rektor kring våra utbildningars kvalitet. Som nybliven GA har det varit väldigt roligt att få en snabb och ansenlig insikt i både styrkor och förbättringspotential hos våra utbildningar. I mitten på mars arrangerade också rektor en work-shop då fakulteten fick möjlighet att diskutera digitalisering och internationalisering, det var mycket intressant och givande. Dessutom pågår just nu ett förberedelsearbete med KTHs nya utvecklingsplan, både centralt och i ITMs skolledning. Utvecklingsplanen som ska gälla från 2018 kommer fokuseras på tre viktiga områden; jämställdhet, hållbarhet och internationalisering. På ITM faculty club mötet i juni kommer vi alla därför få möjlighet att diskutera den kommande utvecklingsplanen så då hoppas jag på stor anslutning av utbildningsengagerade lärare 🙂


That’s how headmaster Sigbritt Karlsson began her blog this Monday, and I can only agree. This week campus has felt different, more silent; maybe because many of us teachers has had spring break and maybe because many of the students has focused on their re-exams, but most likely because many of us, in different ways, have been thinking and reflecting due to the tragedy that occurred at Drottninggatan last Friday. My thoughts are also with those people who are still trying to heal their injuries.

But at the same time a lot of very compelling things focused on educational issues are happening at KTH and ITM right now. The school administration has worked with the report for the dialogue with the principal about the quality in our programs and educations that is to be submitted in late April. As newly appointed dean of education it has been very nice to get a quick and significant insight into both the strengths and improvement needs of our educations. In mid-March the headmaster also initiated a workshop where the faculty had the opportunity to discuss digitization and internationalization, it was very interesting and rewarding. In addition, ongoing right now is the preparatory work with KTH’s new development, both centrally and at the ITM school. The development plan will apply from 2018 and will focus on three key areas; equality, sustainability and internationalization. At ITM Faculty Club meeting in June, we will all have the opportunity to discuss the coming development plan, so I hope that many of us education dedicated teachers will participate then!