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Stockholm’s Woods and Waters

I’ve found that most students that come to study at KTH choose the university for its career opportunities, its reputation, its campus facilities, etc.. If you ask students living here what their favourite thing about Stockholm is though, the answer is often “I love how close I am to nature!”

Map over Stockholm

It’s definitely one of my favourite things about life in Stockholm, how easy it is to get into the nature reserves and forests around the city. When you move over and get settled in the city you’ll find that there is a close connection between the city and the wild natural areas. People love getting out to go hiking, camping or picnicking. At different times of the year there are festivals and activities that people go the countryside for, such as Valborg in the spring, Midsommar in June or mushroom picking in the autumn.

A view in the forest

With Stockholm being stretched over 14 islands, and over 70% of Sweden being covered in forests, it’s no surprise that the water and the woods play a big part in the Swedish lifestyle. Boating and swimming are very common here in the summer time, or ice skating in the winter. There is also a law here called “Allemansrätten”, which ensures that the public has the right to camp, hike, swim and paddle basically anywhere.

Another forest view

The city is planned so that everyone has easy access to green spaces. The suburbs I have lived in have felt like house blocks within forests. Since I’ve moved to Stockholm I have always lived walking distance from parks, woods and lakes, or just a short bus ride away from nature reserves and wild landscapes.

A view across a lake

I’ve added some of my favourite photos from my trips around the parks in Stockholm, but check out Valerie’s post here or Claire’s post here to see some more pretty photos and stories!

~ Declan