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Diploma days! Time for celebration!

Here we are! At the finish line! I am so happy to share the last moments with all of you guys! It has been an incredible two years of my master’s at KTH! Last week we had presentations by degree project students at the School of Architecture! I would love to share some moments with you from the day I will not forget!

courtyard school of architecture

Diploma students have been working on their projects for the past 6 months, and last week everyone had an opportunity to see various presentations, from small to big scale! The whole week the School of Architecture was open for the public to join the students’ presentations. Critics, invited from all around the world, ignited super interesting conversations and opened discussions!

The students presented printed work of research, design drawings and exciting models to better explain their projects, in 15 minutes!

school of architecture presentation

Claudia, from Canada, got super excited after the discussion in the photo below. Our families came from different countries to see the presentations and support us!

On the final day, a celebration was organised by the school and the bachelor students for us to remember!

An open bar and music set were organised in the courtyard to enjoy the celebration…

Under the clear sky, everyone danced, exchanged emotions and partied until sunrise!

KTH architecture school

I will write to you, guys, until the end of June!

You could check how Raygo did on his final presentation here! Also, take a look at my last post about education at KTH!

Stay in touch!