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Applications are open!

Today may be International Cupcake Day and it may be Zac Efron’s birthday, but for all students hoping to secure a place at KTH in 2022, today is an important day for being the opening day for applications! The application period at KTH officially starts from today, 18th of October, and runs until January 17th. … Continue reading “Applications are open!”

KTH Application Season is now Open

21st October 2020 – It is that time of the year again where students are busy applying to a number of best universities across the globe. I remember being occupied the whole season while I applied to more than 10 universities. The whole process was exhausting, considering that different universities required different kinds of documents … Continue reading “KTH Application Season is now Open”

Are you admitted to study at KTH?

Congratulations! If you are here, you are probably been admitted to KTH or you’re in the reserve list. Well, then go on reading, cause this blog post is for you! April 6th is indeed a big day for many because the selection results for the master’s application was published in the universityadmissions portal. But, right after you … Continue reading “Are you admitted to study at KTH?”