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Soon it’s the Second Arrival Day!

August is all about the new students that start their studies at KTH. As the Swedish students who are starting into their Bachelor programmes have also started with their Receptions, the campus got very lively during the past week. And on Sunday, 22nd August, we will have our second Arrival Day! Not sure what you … Continue reading “Soon it’s the Second Arrival Day!”

A guide to your first days at KTH

Welcome to KTH! You made it… I am sure you are excited about beginning your Master programme at KTH. I remember, my first week at KTH was about meeting new faces, setting up the apartment, exploring the campus, and hustling through mandatory academic and social tasks. This blog post will guide you through the tasks … Continue reading “A guide to your first days at KTH”

Throwback – my Start at KTH

Exactly today two years ago I arrived in Stockholm and started my journey at KTH! I can still remember the mixture of excitement and concern about this new chapter of my life. On the one hand, I was super excited to start my studies at a new university, get to know a new city and … Continue reading “Throwback – my Start at KTH”

The first Arrival Day is coming soon!

I can tell you, August is the most exciting time of the year! Every year many many new international students start their studies at KTH and when August approaches all the preparations are coming to an end, and everyone is waiting for the new students to arrive! 🤩 And since I was in the same … Continue reading “The first Arrival Day is coming soon!”

Newly Admitted in KTH? What to do in July?

July is an exciting time! The countdown begins on your arrival to KTH. The air would be filled with eagerness and curiosity about starting a new phase of life in Sweden. Final preparations would be in full swing to gather items to pack and wait anxiously for the decision on the residence permit decision. In … Continue reading “Newly Admitted in KTH? What to do in July?”