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Exploring Stockholm: 5 Fascinating Facts About the ‘Venice of the North’

Did you know that the Swedish language wasn’t made the official language of Sweden until 2009? Or that ‘Stockholm’ means ‘log island’ in Swedish? Well, hold on to your hats, because I’ve got more interesting tidbits about Stockholm coming your way! As a student at KTH, you’re not just choosing an academic institution; you’re also … Continue reading “Exploring Stockholm: 5 Fascinating Facts About the ‘Venice of the North’”

Stockholm & KTH – by the numbers

When you’re preparing to move to a new city across the world, there are more than a few details to get sorted. You have to consider travel logistics, cost of living, banking, accommodation, insurance and (for some of us internationals) residence permits too. These are important topics, which is why we write about them here on … Continue reading “Stockholm & KTH – by the numbers”