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A Week in Götheborg

Trams moving across the streets, turning through sharp corners, clobbered streets alongside the water canals, Götheborg is a city that gives the feels of Venice. This week, I had a wonderful opportunity to stay and work in Götheborg, thanks to Husqvarna where I am doing my Master thesis. “Der April macht was er will” is a … Continue reading “A Week in Götheborg”

On a trip to Gothenburg

A bit more than a year ago, in March 2020, just before covid really hit Sweden, I travelled to Gothenburg. A lot of my friends told me before: be prepared for bad weather – so I took cloths for basically every kind of season with me. Because, what do the Swedes like to say? “There’s … Continue reading “On a trip to Gothenburg”

The Ballot Bin

Hey peeps, hope you had an awesome weekend because I surely did thanks to an invitation from a Swedish friend to go to the second biggest city in Sweden, Gothenburg! The weekend was amazing and we surely had a lot fun over the West Coast. Weather was perfect (I love cloudy/rainy/cold days) and we had … Continue reading “The Ballot Bin”