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Happy Semmeldagen! Semla hype: explained

The other day, as a friend and I were leaving the student union Nymble, we stumbled into a semla giveaway. One of the job fairs on KTH main campus had ended, and there were a few boxes of the traditional sweet buns leftover that they wanted to clear out. Getting a free semla was enough … Continue reading “Happy Semmeldagen! Semla hype: explained”

Annual Traditions In Sweden

With the Semla day being celebrated tomorrow, I thought of taking you through the interesting traditions observed in Sweden every year. It is fascinating to be part of these festivals which gives a sneak-peek into Sweden’s rich tradition. There are festivals that bear religious significance and the ones that truly capture my attention are the … Continue reading “Annual Traditions In Sweden”

Scrumptious Semlas will not make you fat!

Hey there! It’s so nice to get back with another post about food. I am truly wondering if I am slowly turning into a food connoisseur. Might as well get me a part-time job to taste different food, who wouldn’t like that! Oh yeah, I don’t eat beef and pork by the way. Haha! So … Continue reading “Scrumptious Semlas will not make you fat!”