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Master’s Programmes and Sustainability

If you ever want to witness true, undeterred commitment towards sustainability and the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), Sweden offers you the sweet front row seats to observe the hustle. I have seen it engrained in everyone’s mind and actions. It’s common to see second-hand market stores where electrical products, clothes, furniture are recycled and … Continue reading “Master’s Programmes and Sustainability”

Panel discussion about UN Sustainable Development Goals

Did you know that the UN agreed on reaching 17 sustainable development goals until 2030? Even though I had heard about the goals before, I still wasn’t familiar with their backgrounds. This is why, I joined the Panel discussion about the pros and cons of the UN Sustainable Development goals last Tuesday, 8th of December … Continue reading “Panel discussion about UN Sustainable Development Goals”

Sustainable development in Sweden

Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend cause I surely had; as a matter of fact, I had the chance to go to the movies with one of my closest friends here in Stockholm. We watched “The girl in the spider’s web”, fourth novel in the Millennium Series written by David Lagercrantz following the trilogy … Continue reading “Sustainable development in Sweden”