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Peter Dinér (Professor, Docent)


Peter Dinér was born on January 24 in Norrahammar (Sweden) 1976. His diploma work was made for Professor Dieter Cremer at the Department of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Gothenburg, with the title, “An Improved Mechanism for the Ozonolysis of Simple Alkenes- A Theoretical Investigation” (1999).

In 2000, he started as a Ph. D. student in Professor Per Ahlbergs group at University of Gothenburg and defended his thesis, May 13, 2005, entitled “Alkane activation by superacids and enantioselective reactions with chiral lithium amide - computational and experimental mechanistic studies”. The research included mechanistic studies of hydrogen deuterium exchange between alkanes and superacids and mechanistic studies of deprotonation reactions with lithium amides.

In 2006, he received a post-doc scholarship from the Wenner-Gren foundation for post-doctoral studies in Pr. Karl Anker Jørgensen at Center for Catalysis, Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University, Denmark. The research focused in the development of new, asymmetric organocatalytic reactions in organic chemistry and computational studied of these reactions.

In 2007, he joined Assoc. Prof. Morten Grøtli at Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Gothenburg, as a post-doctoral fellow funded by the European Union (CELLCOMPUT). The work involved the design and synthesis of biologically active kinase inhibitors to be used as tools in signal transduction research.

In 2010, he received a grant as a Junior Research position (Forskarassistent) by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) and in August 2010 he started his position as an Assistant Prof. at the Department of Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry.

In 2013 (October), he started as a Associate Professor (universitetslektor) at the Department of Chemistry / Division of Organic chemistry.

In December 2013, he was appointed as a Docent in Organic Chemistry.

In April 2015, he was appointed Head of Division of Organic Chemistry.

In November 2021, he was promoted to Professor in Organic Chemistry.

Peter Dinér

Professor, Docent

Phone: +46 (0)8 7908139




28 August, 2017

Started up the course in "Advanced Organic Chemistry (KD2310)".


25 August, 2017

Paper accepted in Organic Letters.

"Catalytic Reductions and Tandem Reactions of Nitro Compounds Using in Situ Prepared Nickel Boride Catalyst in Nanocellulose Solution"

Kaniraj Jeya Prathap, Qiong Wu, Richard T. Olsson, and Peter Dinér*, Organic Letters. Great work Prathap, Qiong, and Richard!


20 March, 2017

Started up the course in "Organic Chemistry, Basic Concepts and Practice 2 (KD1270)".


6 February, 2017

George Lasisi joins the group for a Erasmus intership! Welcome!


16 January, 2017

Started up the course in "Organic Chemistry, Basic Concepts and Practice (KD1230)".


16 January, 2017

Ágnes Lakó joins the group for her Master thesis. Welcome!


1 September, 2016

Stephan Majoor joins the group for a Erasmus intership! Welcome!


8 July, 2016

Paper accepted in Synthesis.
Palladium-Catalyzed C(sp3)–C(sp2) Cross-Couplings of O-(α-Bromoacyl) Cyanohydrins with Boronic Acids: An Entry to Enantio­enriched N-Acylated β-Amino Alcohols

Robin Hertzberg, Peter Dinér, Christina Moberg*

Great work Robin!


17 June, 2016

Guillermo Maassen presented his work from the Erasmus internship. Thanks for the gift and good luck in the Netherlands!


1 April, 2016

Prathap Jeya Kaniraj joins the group as a post-doctoral fellow.


29 March, 2016

Started teaching on Organic Chemistry, Basic Concepts and Practice 2.


5 February, 2016

Koen Bussink presented the result from the Erasmus internship.


2 February, 2016

Guillermo Maassen from HAN University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen) joins the group as a Erasmus intern from HAN Welcome!


21 January, 2016

Historic essay on yttrium puclished in Nature Chemistry.

Yttrium from Ytterby

Peter Dinér*
Nature Chemistry, 2016, 8, 192.


10 December, 2015

Paper accepted in Journal of Catalysis.

A nickel (II) PY5 complex as an electrocatalyst for water oxidation

Lei Wang, Lele Duan, Ram B. Ambre, Quentin Daniel, Hong Chen, Junliang Sun, Biswanath Das, Anders Thapper, Jens Uhlig, Peter Dinér, Licheng Sun*

Journal of Catalysis., 2016, 335, Pages 72–78.


2 September, 2015

Koen Bussink from HAN University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen) joins the group as a Erasmus intern.



12-16 July, 2015

Attending the 19th European Symposium of Organic Chemistry (ESOC2015), Lisbon, Portugal.


9-11 July, 2015

Presentation at the EuCheM:s 7th Young Investigator Workshop (YIW) in Aveiro, Portugal.


13 February, 2015


"A Mechanistic Investigation of the Kinetic Resolution of Secondary Aromatic Alcohols Using a Ferrocene-Based Planar Chiral 4-(Dimethylamino)pyridine Catalyst"

L. Mesas-Sánchez, P. Dinér, Chem. Eur. J., 2015 DOI: 10.1002/chem.201405793


22 January, 2015

Started teaching on "Organic Chemistry, Basic Concepts and Practice (KD1230)".


2 January, 2015

Paper accepted in Chemistry – A European Journal


28 November, 2014

Laura Mesas Sánchez successfully defended her thesis.

Congratulations Laura!


20 November, 2014

Paper on-line!

Selective inhibition of RET mediated cell proliferation in vitro by the kinase inhibitor SPP86

John P Alao, Sona Michlikova, Peter Dinér, Morten Grøtli and Per Sunnerhagen

BMC Cancer,  2014, 14:853 


10 November, 2014

Paper accepted in BMC Cancer! Great work J P!


12 September, 2014

Paper published on-line!

Chiral Sulfinamides as Highly Enantioselective Organocatalysts

Peter Dinér*, Arghya Sadhukhan, Björn Blomkvist

ChemCatChem 2014, 6, 3063 – 3066


11 September, 2014

Paper published on-line!

Access to Optically Pure β-Hydroxy Esters via Non-Enzymatic Kinetic Resolution by a Planar-Chiral DM

A. E. Díaz-Álvarez, Laura Mesas-Sánchez , P. Dinér*

Molecules, 2014, 19(9), 14273-14291.


27 August, 2014

Paper accepted in Molecules. Well done Laura and Alba!!!


6 August, 2014

Paper accepted in ChemCatChem. Good work Arghya and Björn!!!


5 April, 2014

Accepted paper online!

Kinetic resolution of 2-hydroxy-2-aryl-ethylphosphonates by a non-enzymatic acylation catalyst

L. Mesas-Sánchez, A. E. Díaz-Álvarez, P. Koukal, P. Dinér*

Tetrahedron, 2014, accepted.


1 April, 2014

Ph. D. Arghya Sadhukhan joins the group as post-doctoral fellow. Welcome!


20 February, 2014

Paper published on-line!

Evaluation of a Microfluidic Chamber for Single Yeast Cell Studies upon Multiple Environmental Changes

C. Hamngren Blomqvist, P. Dinér, M. Grøtli, M. Goksör, Caroline B. Adiels*

Micromachines, 2014, 5, 81-96.


6 February, 2014

Paper accepted in Micromachines. Good work Charlotte and Caroline!


28 January, 2014

Started teaching on Organic Chemistry, Basic Concepts and Practice (KD1230) 


10 December, 2013

Appointed as Docent in Organic Chemistry 


25 November, 2013

Docent Lecture

"Frontier Orbital Theory"

Peter Dinér


1 October, 2013

First day at KTH!


29 August, 2013

Highlight in ChemCatChem on-line!

"Efficient, low temperature production of hydrogen from methanol"
Peter Dinér, Johan Verendel,ChemCatChem


28 August, 2013

Visit to Långholmen to participate in KTH:s Chemistry Day!


18 July, 2013

Highlight accepted in ChemCatChem!

Good work Johan!


25 June, 2013

Moving to KTH!!!

I have been offered and accepted a position as lecturer (universitetslektor) at Organic chemistry, KTH and I will start October 1, 2013.

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