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Helena Lundberg

Helena is assistant professor and docent in organic chemistry since 2021 and has been a principal investigator at KTH Royal Institute of Technology since early 2019. Helena has a Bachelor’s degree in theoretical philosophy from Lund University and a Master’s degree in organic chemistry from Stockholm University. In 2015 she received her Ph. D. degree under the guidance of Professor Hans Adolfsson at Stockholm University, having worked with method development and mechanistic studies of asymmetric transfer hydrogenation and catalytic dehydrative amide formation. After a year with postdoctoral research at Stockholm University, working with DFT calculations with Professor Fahmi Himo, she joined Professors Donna G. Blackmond and Phil Baran as a postdoctoral fellow in 2017 at Scripps Research in La Jolla, USA. Helena's research group at KTH currently focuses on activation and functionalization of strong polarized sigma bonds using Lewis acid catalysis and reductive electrosynthesis. Helena is the recipient of different fellowships and distinctions, including the Sigrid Arrhenius Award (2015), a JSP fellowship for the Bürgenstock conference (2022) and a Future Research Leader grant by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (2022).

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