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 July 2 2024

Congratulations to Sergio for a well-defended MSc diploma thesis, supervised by Piret! We've enjoyed having you here for the last semester - good luck onwards!

June 19 2024

Well done Arvid for successful completion and defense of your diploma work! It's been great to have you in the group!

June 11 2024

We are happy to receive the news that NordForsk  has funded our collaborative project "Green Hydrogen and Platform Chemicals from Agricultural Residues (AGRI-WASTE2H2) " with the Yerga Martin lab  and the Oseka lab

June 5 2024

We welcome Miguel, guest student from CCNY, to the group for a summer internship. 

May 6 2024

Today we welcome PhD student Ziwei to the group! 

March 22 2024

Helena presented the group's chemistry at National Organic Symposium. 

March 21 2024

Group day - getting our hands dirty!

February 9 2024

We're sad to say goodbye to Guille who's leaving the lab for new scientific endeavors. Best wishes onwards for this next chapter! 

January 19 2024

Helena presents the group's research at one of the largest chemistry event for high school students in Sweden - Berzeliusdagarna

January 17 2024

Arvid joins the group for his MSc diploma thesis - very welcome!

January 15 2024

Sergio joins the group for his MSc diploma thesis - we're glad to have you here!

December 11 2023

Very welcome to Jai White who joins the group as postdoctoral researcher today!

December 11 2023

Congratulations Julius for a well-defended halftime seminar!

October 25 2023

Piret's, Malin's and Guille's work on electroreductive transformations of alcohols has now been published - find the article  here. Great collaboration with previous group members Victoria, Adrian and Hemlata, as well as with Professor Mårten Ahlquist!

October 8-12 2023

Malin, Julius, Ellymay, Astrid, Darius and Helena presented the group's research at 244th ECS meeting in Gothenburg. 

September 1 2023

Today, we say goodbye to Pintu who's leaving the lab after two years of postdoctoral research. We wish you best of luck onwards!

August 21 2023

We're happy to welcome our guest PhD students Natalia and Robert from the Kalek lab  at the University of Warsaw. We look forward to work with you for the coming months on some of our electrosynthetic projects!

August 7 2023

Check out Andrey's great cover art  for our paper Electroreductive Desulfurative Transformations with Thioethers as Alkyl Radical Precursor  in Angewandte Chemie! 

July 9-13 2023

Cristiana presented her work at European Symposium on Organic Chemistry  in Ghent.

June 27-30 2023

Cristiana, Kevin, Pintu, Malin and Ellymay represented the group and presented their work at the 23rd Tetrahedron Symposium  in Gothenburg.

June 22 2023

Helena presented the group's work on electroreductive C-S bond activation in Thieme's WebCheminar Rising Stars in Organic Chemistry #2 .

June 21 2023

Our manuscript Electroreductive Desulfurative Transformations with Thioethers as Alkyl Radical Precursor  has been accepted for publication in Angewande Chemie - great work by Julius, Johannes, Nils, Jonas, Guille and our collaborator Mårten! 

 June 21 2023

Our research is highlighted in the magazine Framtidens Forskning  and can be found online here

 June 8 2023

Our contribution to the special collection in Synlett for participants in EuChemS' Young Investigator Workshop  has been accepted for publication. Great work Cristiana and Davide! 

 June 8 2023

Malin demonstrated our brand new electrosynthesis lab for KD2930 and tutored KTH's president Anders Söderholm for some hands-on aspects - great interactions at the Department of Chemistry!

June 1 2023

Helena visited Riga Technical University for discussions on electrosynthesis, both our research and that of a defending PhD student. 

May 26 2023

The group participated in the departmental Chemistry Day. Well done Malin and the rest of the organizing committee for a nice day!

April 18 2023

A warm welcome to Astrid who joins the group as visiting PhD student from Professor Anders Riisager's lab at DTU as part of our partner university collaboration.

April 17 2023

Helena visited the Theranostics team of radiochemists at Karolinska and discussed the prospects for future use of the group's chemistry in radiolabeling applications. Interesting and important topic!

April 1 2023

We are happy to have Andrey join us for postdoctoral research on the borders of photo- and electrochemistry.

March 31 2023

Malin hosted a group of visiting high school (and prospective KTH) students from Kramfors together with Anja from the Schaufelberger lab.

March 24 2023

Helena visited the Glycochemistry division together with the other Organic Chemistry PI's to showcase our research. A nice starting point for further interdepartmental interactions and collaborations!

March 14 2023

Helena visited SciLifeLab to give a lecture on organic electrosynthesis and the group's research. Inspiring meeting with the organizing team and the attending chemists!

March 1 2023

Cristiana's and Davide's paper on catalytic etherification of lignin and lignin models  has been accepted for publication in Green Chemistry - congratulations! Thank you Carlos, Ivan and Nando for your contributions to this work. 

February 24 2023

Our research intern student Nils returns to the University of Mainz to carry out a MSc diploma work. Best of luck and thank you for these last six productive months! 

February 1 2023

Very welcome to our new part-time PhD student Darius for synthesis of organic compounds for redox flow applications with Assistant Professor Amirreza Khatami and Professor Rakel Wreland Lindström at the Division of Applied Electrochemistry (Dept. of Chemical Engineering, KTH)!

January 31 2023

We wish Davide good luck onwards when leaving for new horizons in Switzerland.

January 9 2023

Very welcome to our new PhD student Ellymay and postdoc Kevin who will strengthen the electrosynthesis team!

December 13 2022

We celebrate Lucia  with having our invited review  accepted in Synthesis' collection ‘Bürgenstock Conference Special Section – Future Stars in Organic Chemistry’.

November 24 2022

Congratulations Dhifaf for successfully finishing your BSc diploma thesis! Best of luck onwards!

November 1 2022

Victoria joins for a 6 month project course on electrosynthesis - welcome back to the group! 

October 24 2022

Our Angewandte Chemie review on Electrosynthetic C-O bond activation in alcohols and alcohol derivatives  is now out. Great collaboration with the Kärkäs group !

October 10 2022

Helena's and Markus ' popular science article on electrosynthesis is available in the Swedish Chemical Society's member magazine Kemisk Tidskrift .

October 5 2022

Congratulations to the outstanding scientists Barry Sharpless, Morten Meldal and Carolyn Bertozzi for being awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022 ! For the second year in a row, Helena had the great pleasure of discussing the Nobel Prize in (Organic) Chemistry with the next generation of scientists live at the Nobel Prize Museum  and make a contribution to their Nobel Prize Lesson in Chemistry by appointment of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences .

September 5 2022

Welcome to Nils who joins us as student intern from Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz as part of his MSc. 

September 2-3 2022

Helena participated in EuChemS Young Investigator Workshop in Lisbon. A big thanks to the Swedish Chemical Society (Svenska Kemisamfundet) for the nomination and to the organizers and fellow attendees for a great meeting!  

August 29 2022

Malin returns to the group to start her PhD. We look forward to work with you for the coming four years!

August 28 - September 1 2022

Cristiana and Julius participated in EuChemS2022 Chemistry Conference in Lisbon and represented the group well with their great posters!

August 22 2022

We welcome Dr Guillermo Ahumada who joins us for electrosynthetic research and Dhifaf Matti for diploma work on Lewis acid-catalyzed transformations.  

August 9 2022

Check out our invited contribution  to Org. Biomol. Chem.'s special collection Synthetic electrochemistry . Thanks Johannes and Emma for great work!

July 30 - August 5 2022

Davide presented his preliminary results at the Lignin Gordon Research Conference "Realizing Lignin's Potential in Biorefining by Bridging Plant Biology, Chemistry and Engineering" in Easton, MA, USA. 

June 30 2022

Today was the last day for Zainab in the lab after a year as diploma student and research assistant. We enjoyed having you here, best of luck with your continued studies!

June 20-22 2022

Julius, Cristiana, Davide and Helena attended the Swedish Chemical Society conference (SCS2022) in Linköping. It was great to meet the Swedish chemistry community again after postponed meetings during the pandemic!

June 20 2022

We're happy to announce that Helena has been selected by the Swedish Foundation of Strategic Research in their 8th call for Research Leaders of the Future (FFL-8)  that will enable us to hire more talented students and postdoc to expand our research for valorization of renewable feedstocks!

June 16 2022

Malin successfully defended her MSc thesis work on the topic of electroreductive syntehsis - well done!

May 31 2022

Congratulations Victoria, Hampus and Emma for a well defended BSc thesis!

May 9 2022

Annabelle joins the group as student intern from ESPCI Paris  - very welcome!

May 2 2022

Welcome Davide who joins the group for postdoctoral work on catalytic lignin functionalization!

May 1-5 2022

Helena participated in the 55th Bürgenstock Conference  as Junior Scientist Participation Fellow . A big thanks to the organizers and attendees for a great meeting!

March 24 2022

Congratulations to former postdoc Johannes for being selected to participate in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2022  after being nominated during his time at KTH. 

January 20 2022

Welcome Malin for a MSc diploma work in electrosynthesis! 

January 19 2022

We say goodbye to Jonas who finishes his Erasmus exchange at KTH to return to TU Munich. It's been great having you here!

January 18 2022

Hampus, Victoria and Emma joins the group for a BSc diploma project (KEX-jobb) on catalytic synthesis of renewable bisphenols - most welcome and good luck! 

January 12 2022

Congratulations to Zainab for a well-defended BSc thesis!

December 31 2021

We say goodbye to Hemlata and wish her the best for her new academic endeavors. 

December 17 2021

We say farewell to Johannes who is moving west for new challenges. Thank you for this time and best of luck onwards!

December 6 2021

The group participated in the symposium " Electrochemistry in Organic Synthesis ", organized by Helena, Markus and Peter  with the Swedish Chemical Society  (Kemisamfundet). Thanks to all participants and our great speakers Siegfried Waldvogel, Lutz Ackermann, Shelley Minteer, Thomas Wirth and Phil Baran for a great event!

December 1 2021

Julius is now enrolled as PhD student in the group - we look forward to have you here for the coming four years!

November 25 2021

We are glad to learn that Formas  - the Swedish research council for sustainable development - will be supporting our research on Lewis acid catalysis for the next four years. 

November 4 2021

We are happy to announce that the Swedish Research Council  (Vetenskapsrådet) are supporting our electrosynthetic research for the coming four years.

November 15 2021

We say goodbye to Ivan as he moves on to new endeavors. Thank you for this time and good luck!

October 25 2021

Our recent article Zirconium-Catalysed Direct Substitution of Alcohols: Enhancing the Selectivity by Kinetic Analysis was selected as a Catalysis Science & Technology Editor’s Choice. See the journal's blog post here .

October 6 2021

Helena discusses the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021  for the next generation of researchers at the Nobel Prize Museum  as part of the museum's teaching material " Nobel Prize lesson " for high school students.

September 24 2021

Congratulations to Cristiana, Piret and previous group members Hernando, Malin, Anja, Robin, David and Oscar for the accepted article " Zirconium-Catalysed Direct Substitution of Alcohols: Enhancing the Selectivity by Kinetic Analysis " in Catalysis Science & Technology

September 20 2021

We welcome Dr. Pintu Maity to the group for electrosynthetic work! 

September 3 2021

Helena is interviewed  with respect to Kemisamfundet's upcoming symposium "Electrochemistry in Organic Synthesis" in Stockholm December 6 2021. Check out the great lineup for this free-of-charge event and sign up here !

symposium logo

September 1 2021

Very welcome to Assistant Professor Fredrik Schaufelberger , the newest faculty recruitment at the Division of Organic Chemistry who starts today. We look forward to collaborate with you and your team onwards!

August 31 2021

Congratulations to Johannes for receiving GDCh's Electrochemistry Award 2021  for his PhD work on electrochemical transfer halogenation !

August 30 2021

We welcome Jonas Djossou (TU Munich), Zainab Alsaman (Stockholm University) and Julius Kuzmin (KTH) as student interns in our lab for electrosynthetic work. 

August 23 2021

Dr Hemlata Agarwala joins the lab for electrosynthetic and -analytic work. Most welcome!

June 17 2021

Anna, Adrian, Carlos and Darius have successfully defended their diploma theses - well done!

April 27 2021

Dr Priyanka Chaudhary joins the group to work on catalytic functionalization of alcohols - very welcome! 

wheat straw

 April 19 2021

With the aid of Lantmännens forskningsstiftelse  and Professor Ulrica Edlund , the starting material for Ivan's project has arrived: a bag of beautiful golden wheat straw. Let the chemistry begin!

April 1 2021

Dr Ivan Kumaniaev joins the group to work on catalytic functionalization of lignin, in collaboration with Professor Mats Johansson  at the Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology . Very welcome! 

March 1 2021

Helena has been promoted to Assistant Professor with tenure track in Organic Chemistry.

February 18 2021

Helena has been appointed the title of Docent in Organic Chemistry.

January 25 2021

Hernando has successfully defended his Bachelor's thesis and with that finished his internship in the group. Congratulations and best wishes for your next career step!

January 18 2021

We welcome Adrian, Anna, Carlos and Darius as they join the group for diploma thesis work on Master and Bachelor level.

January 11 2021

Dr Johannes Röckl joins the group to work on electrosynthesis. Very welcome!

September 1 2020

Our invited contribution  to Catalysts can be found online. Thank you Cristiana for great work!

August 24 2020

Hernando joins the group for his Bachelor thesis. Welcome and good luck!

May 14 2020

Congratulations Anja, David, Malin and Robin for a successful Bachelor thesis defense! You've done a great job despite the complications of Covid-19.

April 30, 2020

Check out our new article . Thank you Piret, Oscar and Zoltán for nice work!

January 20, 2020

Anja, David, Malin and Robin joins the group for their Bachelor's diploma thesis. Welcome and best of luck!

October 6-9, 2019

Helena, Piret and Cristiana attended ICASEC Summer School 2019  "Electrochemical Approaches to Chemical Synthesis" in Göttingen, Germany. Thank you to the speakers, organizers and participants for an inspiring meeting!

October 1, 2019

Dr Cristiana Margarita joins the group. Welcome!

September 9, 2019

Dr Piret Villo joins the group. Welcome!

September 9, 2019

The work on electrochemical synthesis of hindered alkyl ethers is published. Thank you to all the co-workers for the amazing job with development and evaluation of the process!

July 16, 2019

Our article on zirconium-catalyzed amidation  is out. Thank you Fredrik and Hans!

June 29, 2019

Oscar presents his Bachelor thesis. Congratulations and well done!

May 23, 2019

Our review on electrosynthetic strategies for complex molecule synthesis  is out. Thanks Andrey and Markus for a nice collaboration.

March 8, 2019

Bachelor student Oscar Dalla-Santa joins the group. Welcome!