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Electric Switching Laboratory

Electrical testing of high-power switching apparatus, Mechanical testing of parts under impulsive mechanical stresses, Arc plasma studies in static and dynamic gaps, high speed photography of moving objects.

Equipment and instrumentation

Test rig for testing electromechanical switches, 2 high speed cameras up to 120,000 fps with lower resolution, 2kV-5mF capacitor bank, 500V-32 mF capacitor bank, Laser sensor, accelerometers (50000 g), Data acquisition with 40 MS/s, 8 channel and 8 bit resolution, Control using Labview and an NI system with several analog and digital I/O, Power semiconductors for switching currents up to 10 kA, Multi-channel compact optical spectrometer between 250-900 nm


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Last changed: Sep 20, 2018