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Paper submission and information for authors

All manuscripts must comply with IFAC templates and guidelines, that are provided on the IFAC website . LaTeX and Word packages can be obtained from this website.

All manuscripts must be electronically submitted through the PaperPlaza Conference Manuscript Management System  (find the announcement for SYSID 2018 on this website and click on Submit a contribution to SYSID 2018).

Authors are advised to read PaperCept's Getting Started Manual for Authors . Further support can be found at the IFAC Conference Manuscript Management System website . As explained when entering the SYSID 2018 paper submission site through the PaperPlaza Conference Manuscript Management System , it is possible to automatically convert MS-Word and LaTex files to PDF that are compliant with the formal requirements.

Manuscripts of all types, except plenary papers, will be limited to six double-column pages.

Further information regarding the specifics for each paper category can be found under Call for papers.

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