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SYSID Young author award

The award is meant to stimulate the involvement of young scientists and engineers in system identification, as well as to recognize top level contributions by the younger generation.

To be eligible, the candidate must be the first and presenting author of the paper and at the time of the event must be of max 30 years old.

The selection committee selects a number of finalists, on the basis of the nomination letters, the review reports, and the papers. Finalists are informed before the event. The selection committee selects a winner out of the finalists, after having attended the presentation of the paper at the SYSID conference.


Nominations can be made through the PaperPlaza Conference Manuscript Management System  during the period May 9 – May 23, 2018.

Nomination form

Award 2018

The finalists for the Young Author Award. From left to right: Oliver Kost, Federico Bianchi, Masoud Moravej Khorasani and Tommi Reinikka.

At the closing session, Awards Committee Chair Prof. Brett Ninness was pleased to announce that the committee had selected two winners:

  • Tommi Reinikka, Tampere University of Technology, for his paper PHIL Test Bench for Online-Identification Methods of Complex Power Grid,
    co-authored with Roni Luhtala, Henrik Alenius, Tomi Roinila and Tuomas Messo
  • Masoud Moravej Khorasani, The University of Melbourne, for his paper Non-Asymptotic Confidence Regions for Errors-In-Variables Systems,
    co-authored with Erik Weyer

Runner-ups were:

  • Federico Bianchi, Politecnico di Milano, nominated for his paper A randomized approach to switched nonlinear systems identification,
    co-authored with Maria Prandini and Luigi Piroddi
  • Oliver Kost, University of West Bohemia, nominated for his paper Noise Moment and Parameter Estimation of State-Space Model,
    co-authored with Jindřich Duník and Ondřej Straka.

We congratulate these young researchers to their outstanding achievements!

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