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Here you can find the School of Architecture and the Built Environment current series of articles on selected research, education or collaboration initiatives from each department.

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QR codes for tips.
Boost interventions were communicated using QR codes posted next to the microwave, shower, and refrigerator.

Sustainable energy consumption via boosting or nudging - what works best?

"We are not as rational as we think but need help to make wise decisions in everyday life. That's why we need nudges, interventions that guide our decisions in a certain direction", says the nudge adv...

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Visualization of part of the future Ostlänken railway.
The visualization shows a preliminary design of the Ostlänken, part of the new main lines, in the Boksjö area in Norrköping. It shows the tunnel mouth through the Kolmården escarpment and the E4 highway is visible on the left hand side. Illustrationen by the Swedish Transport Administration

He works for increased innovation through procurement

With order volumes of 60 billion annually - around 1 percent of GDP - the Swedish Transport Administration is one of Sweden's largest procurement organizations. Per Erik Eriksson collaborates with the...

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en man i förgrunden, berg och ett vattendrag i bakgrunden
“I like when the questions are big. Some answers to questions that we posed in the project really raised more questions. Overall there is so much still to learn from looking more closely at the politics of natural scientific research in polar environments,” says Peder Roberts.

How do we think about environmental issues in the Arctic and Antarctic?

In February 2017, historian Peder Roberts and colleagues started the ERC project "Greening the Poles: Science, the Environment, and the Creation of the Modern Arctic and Antarctic". The research group...

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