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Departmental articles

  • Newly started policy lab: KTH assists municipalities with climate adaptation under deep uncertainty

    Hydropower station opens its gates fully after major problems with high amounts of rain. Photo credit: iStock, Gerhard Pettersson.
    Published Feb 01, 2024

    Flooding, drought, and water scarcity – how can Swedish municipalities manage risks and uncertainties associated with a changing climate? In a newly launched project – Robust Climate Adaptation Gävleb...

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  • Researchers: Gaps in lighting technology challenges cities' wildlife

    Seren Dincel presents during Light Symposium
    Seren Dincel presents during the Light Symposium in Stockholm.
    Published Dec 20, 2023

    Urban environments are growing steadily, and the present approach to designing lighting for outdoor spaces after dark has evolved by putting human needs and interests first. But for urban planning to ...

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  • New research film highlights the environmental crisis from a post-colonial perspective

    The Lindeka
    Published Nov 23, 2023

    On 14 November, visitors got a sneak premiere of the film "The Lindeka: When a Book Ate a City" at Accelerator, Stockholms Universty —addressing the environmental crisis through the active remains of ...

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  • Sara Wilkinson explores how to use ESG scorecard to lower the vacancy level in commercial buildings

    Sara Wilkinson.
    Visiting professor Sara Wilkinson develops a strategy to deal with under-occupancy as a low-level intervention. The STAR toolkit project is an alternative option to mothballing and demolition, while a new, longer-term user can be found.
    Published Nov 07, 2023

    In a recent research seminar, visiting professor Sara Wilkinson at KTH School of Architecture and the Built Environment presented a new way to think about how to tackle the situation of underused and ...

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  • DIG-IT Lab aims to leverage benefits of digitalisation for more efficient and sustainable buildings

    The new virtual testbeds that are being planned within Dig-IT Lab.
    The new virtual testbeds that are being planned within Dig-IT Lab.
    Published Oct 10, 2023

    Several researchers from the Architecture and the Built Environment field will participate in the new DIG-IT Lab research centre, an evolution of KTH Live-In Lab. The centre's purpose is to reduce the...

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  • The Ocean – a contemporary history

    A yellow sea cucumber on the seabed
    A "gummy squirrel" sea cucumber, Psychropotes longicauda, living at a depth of 5,000 meters. Image courtesy of the DeepCCZ expedition/NOAA
    Published May 02, 2023

    Tirza Meyer is a contemporary historian and a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Philosophy and History, who has come to devote her work to the ocean. After studying how the United Nations C...

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  • Sustainable energy consumption via boosting or nudging - what works best?

    QR codes for tips.
    Boost interventions were communicated using QR codes posted next to the microwave, shower, and refrigerator.
    Published Mar 20, 2023

    "We are not as rational as we think but need help to make wise decisions in everyday life. That's why we need nudges, interventions that guide our decisions in a certain direction", says the nudge adv...

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  • He works for increased innovation through procurement

    Visualization of part of the future Ostlänken railway.
    The visualization shows a preliminary design of the Ostlänken, part of the new main lines, in the Boksjö area in Norrköping. It shows the tunnel mouth through the Kolmården escarpment and the E4 highway is visible on the left hand side. Illustrationen by the Swedish Transport Administration
    Published Dec 08, 2022

    With order volumes of 60 billion annually - around 1 percent of GDP - the Swedish Transport Administration is one of Sweden's largest procurement organizations. Per Erik Eriksson collaborates with the...

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  • Light serves art at the Nobel Week Lights

    within and against artwork
    Published Nov 30, 2022

    Go for a night stroll and experience Stockholm’s annual light festival Nobel Week Lights. During December 3-11 you can enjoy light installations in which KTH plays different roles.

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  • How do we think about environmental issues in the Arctic and Antarctic?

    en man i förgrunden, berg och ett vattendrag i bakgrunden
    “I like when the questions are big. Some answers to questions that we posed in the project really raised more questions. Overall there is so much still to learn from looking more closely at the politics of natural scientific research in polar environments,” says Peder Roberts.
    Published Nov 16, 2022

    In February 2017, historian Peder Roberts and colleagues started the ERC project "Greening the Poles: Science, the Environment, and the Creation of the Modern Arctic and Antarctic". The research group...

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  • Anna Hrdlicka examines how citizen dialogues and planning processes turn out in practice

    Anna Hrdlicka at the Division of Real Estate Planning and Land Law.
    Anna Hrdlicka works at the Division of Real Estate Planning and Land Law, which is one of five divisions at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management. At KTH, she teaches courses in land development, and Property and Urban Development. Anna has been politically active on Gotland for 12 years, most recently as a member of the regional council.
    Published Oct 20, 2022

    “Why does it have to be so difficult!” is the working title of Anna Hrdlicka's doctoral dissertation, which she will publish later this fall. The dissertation takes a closer look at how citizen dialog...

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  • The film festival Crosscuts – another way to communicate research

    Illustrations from Jörg Bachmanns Instagram account happypocketknife
    Illustrations by happypocketknife Images: Jörg Bachmann
    Published Sep 27, 2022

    Artists, researchers and activists come together with a wide audience to share a diverse film repertoire within the field of environmental humanities at the annual Crosscuts Film Festival.

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  • Drone camera and scanned structures laid the foundation for models of Kiruna’s new railway station

    Point cloud of the suggested site for a new railway station in Kiruna
    Point cloud of the suggested site for a new railway station based on a drone flight Image: Ulrika Knagenhielm-Karlsson & Erik Swahn
    Published Sep 13, 2022

    In the master studio Northern Grounds, the students were given the assignment to suggest a design for a new railway station in Kiruna. The station had to be adapted to the location and the assignment ...

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  • The DiSa lab opens the gate between models and reality

    Hololens, drone, 3D printer and screens in the DiSa lab
    Hololens, drone and 3D printer in the DiSa lab Photo: Ahmad Reza Roozbeh
    Published Aug 16, 2022

    In the School of Architecture and the Built Environment's new lab, DiSa, there are digital tools for the built environment available to students, researchers and teachers. In addition to software for ...

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  • An introduction course that builds on the students' experiences

    The skyline of Santiago de Chile
    Santiago de Chile, one of the cities represented in the course. Photo: Horst Engelmann, Pixabay
    Published Jun 22, 2022

    During an intense two-month introduction course, the students in the interdisciplinary master’s programme Sustainable Urban Planning and Design make the Lounge their home at KTH. They meet fellow stud...

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  • The model ambassador who counts on ecosystem services

    Street view with trees
    Urban trees deliver ecosystem services, e.g. by regulating temperature. Photo: Johan C Thorburn, KTH
    Published May 24, 2022

    By including relevant aspects of sustainability and having a longer time perspective it is possible to get a better view of systems and how they can be used sustainably. This insight is one of the fou...

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  • He paves the way for sustainable transport with a combination of data sources

    trafficked city street
    Photo: Vlad Fonsark,
    Published May 11, 2022

    Imagine an app that could plan your trip, combining different modes of sustainable transport, and guide you in real time to arrive at a specific time while maximizing shade from tree canopies along th...

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  • KTH contributes to rock-solid constructions in Sweden and the EU

    A construction site at KTH Campus
    Geotechnical work during the construction of the Undervisningshuset building at KTH Campus. The construction standard Eurocode 7 will ensure safety against collapse. Photo: Johan Spross
    Published May 05, 2022

    Within the EU there is a common set of standards, regulating how to build and verify the safety of structures, to facilitate for companies in the construction industry and to contribute to the harmoni...

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  • She studies cultural heritage in the polar regions and polar futures

    Från vänster till höger stående: Kati Lindström (KTH), Naine Terena, (Pinacoteca, Sao Paulo, Brasili
    Från vänster till höger stående: Kati Lindström (KTH), Naine Terena, (Pinacoteca, Sao Paulo, Brasilien); Lize-Marié Hansen van der Watt (KTH), Leif Petersen (Sustainable Livelihoods, Sydafrika), Bruno Moreschi, (Pinacoteca, Sao Paulo University); Lizabé Lambrechts (Stellenbosch University, co-PI) Fernanda de Castro (interpreter), Framre råd: Fernanda Pitta (Pinacoteca, co-PI) och Bossiedokter Neville (healer). Foto: Kayla Peters
    Published Apr 26, 2022

    Lize-Marié Hansen van der Watt has a PhD in history and researches the polar history and polar futures, focusing on the intersection of environment, science, cultural heritage and critical geopolitics...

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  • His thesis sheds light on organizational challenges

    Profilbild av Olli Vigren utanför KTH:s entre.
    Olli Vigren. Foto: Privat
    Published Apr 20, 2022

    Olli Vigren is a doctoral student at the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management. He researches how the industry can solve organizational and managerial problems related to digitalisatio...

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