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STRC 2023 Brought Together Transport Researchers from Across Sweden

two men standing in front of a crowd
Johan Olstam, VTI & Erik Jenelius, KTH. Photo: Albania Nissan, KTH
Published Oct 19, 2023

Since 2012, the Swedish Transport Research Conference (STRC) has been an annual gathering for transport researchers from all over Sweden. Participants have had the opportunity to gain insights into ongoing research and strengthen their professional and social networks. KTH hosted the very first edition, and since then, the organization has rotated among various academic institutions. This year marked the third occasion, when the university hosted more than120 participants during two eventful days on 16 and 17 October.

Electrification, Reduced Car Dependency, and Resilience in Focus

This year's conference addressed current challenges and transformations in the transportation system, including electrification and reduced car dependency. Erik Jenelius, the chair of the organizing committee, highlighted a particular program point: “We had an opening panel discussion on the theme of 'Transport Research in Vulnerable and Disruptive Times,' where Camilla Eriksson, a senior researcher at the Swedish Defence Research Agency, and Thomas Ekström, a senior lecturer at the Swedish Defence University, among others, provided valuable new perspectives on the resilience of transportation systems against various types of threats and pressures.”

Participants primarily consisted of researchers and research students from Swedish universities and research institutions with an interest in transportation issues. The conference also attracted participants from municipalities, authorities, and businesses.

An audience at a conference
Attendants during the first session Photo: Zhenliang Ma

Valuable Insights into the Swedish Research Frontier

Johan Olstam, a researcher at VTI, presented current research in two of the conference's sessions. He sees great value in both disseminating VTI's research to other academic institutions in Sweden and acquiring knowledge about the research conducted at Swedish universities. “Even though researchers participate in and present at international conferences, researchers active in Sweden do not always attend the same conferences, and we do not have the opportunity to attend all conferences. So, it's great and beneficial to be able to get an update on what's happening in the Swedish research front in the field. VTI has also co-organized the conference several times.”

people talking while having coffee
Discussions during a coffee break Photo: Zhenliang Ma

A Meeting Place for Junior Researchers, a Showcase for KTH and the Transport Platform

After slightly over a decade, it is clear that the conference is particularly important for early-career researchers. “It is an opportunity to network outside one's own research group, become aware of interesting ongoing research, and inspire new ideas and collaborations,” says Erik Jenelius. Personally, I am especially pleased that we have been able to showcase the breadth of transport research conducted at KTH and the Transport Platform. This year, many diffent parts of KTH were represented among the speakers.

Next year's conference will be jointly organized by the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. Other academic institutions that take turns organizing STRC include Linköping University, Lund University, Malmö University, and Karlstad University.

STRC 2023

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