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Data protection regulation / GDPR

How KTH handles and uses the personal information that is available about you as a KTH-alum, donor, volunteer and collaborative partner.

KTH has strategically been working with alumni relations since 2001. The work is run by the university administration and is part of the Department for Business Liaisons. The mission of the alumni office is to create and develop sustainable relationships with alumni. KTH offers its alumni the opportunity to engage in the university in various ways so that KTH can continue to be a world-class university that attracts the most talented students and researchers.

KTH has since 2001 worked to maintain contact with all alumni with whom we have contact information. The mutual purpose is to keep you informed about what is happening at KTH and how you can contribute to the continued success of KTH. We want to keep in touch with you in order to improve KTH's educational programmes, to strengthen KTH's brand and to strengthen KTH's position internationally.

KTH protects your personal integrity in accordance with PUL and in accordance with GDPR from May 2018. The following statement describes how KTH collects information about you and how the information is processed for alumni activities.

Collection and storage of personal data

We receive information about you and your education from KTH via Ladok. Some information we have about you may also come from your membership in the KTH Alumni network, the KTH Alumni Community or the KTH Alumni page. We may also have received information about you if you have participated in any of our events or if you have been a member of an alumni association. Your data is stored for an indefinite period in support of alumni activities.

The personal data that is stored is:

• Details of your education (eg courses you have completed, study time, degree and the degree year NOTE: Not grades)

• Unique personal identifier (personal number, full name)

• Your contact details (address, email, phone number)

• If you are involved in KTH in any way, such as a member of the alumni association, student association, mentor, donor, volunteer, etc.

• Your communication preferences, to help us provide tailored and relevant communications

• If you participated in any of our events

• If you have participated in any of our surveys

Processing of personal data

Your data is used for a number of reciprocal purposes in support of alumni activities and for collection to KTH Opportunities. These include:

• Digital newsletter

• Surveys

• Invitations to events

• News about KTH, such as KTH magazine

• News about opportunities for engagement—letter, email, phone

• Internal work for administrative purposes, such as administering an event you participated in or registered for, handling any feedback or complaints

There is no statutory or contractual requirement for you to provide us with your personal information and you completely control what kind of communication you want from KTH's alumni office. If you have questions about any of these purposes or how we communicate with you, please contact us at

In accordance with the GDPR, KTH defends the "right to be forgotten". Upon your request we will stop processing your personal information, please contact us at

KTH Alumni only shares your data with other departments at KTH on special occasions; usually this applies to evaluation of education.

Your rights

You are entitled to:

• Ask us about access to, or correction or deletion of your data

• Restrict processing (pending correction or deletion)

• Control what communication / marketing you want to receive

• The right to be forgotten

How we protect your data

We ensure that we have appropriate data security agreements with our system suppliers.

We do not sell personal data to third parties.

Our data protection officer is responsible for monitoring compliance with relevant legislation in connection with the protection of personal data and can be contacted at

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Last changed: May 24, 2022