Publish Open Access - we cover your costs

The KTH Library can cover your costs for Open Access publishing.

Please check the following before sending in your article to be published:

  • ”Corresponding author” must be employed at KTH. (The author who are sending in the manuscript and are handling all the correspondence during the publication process) 

  • The affiliation of all KTH authors (the institute that they belong to) must be clearly stated in the article and in the publisher’s system.  

  • Use your KTH e-mail adress that ends with “”. This will ensure the identification of KTH authors and eligible articles.

  • Check if there is a pre-paid agreement and follow the instructions so that your article is registered correctly. 

Pre-paid Open Access agreements


Contact us at  if you are about to publish and Open Access-article that are not included in the agreements above we will help you with that.

For publications outside the national and KTH:s agreements with publishers please do the following procedure:

Ask the publisher to make an invoice including:

1. KTH:s invoice address:

Kungliga Tekniska högskolan
Box 24075
104 50 Stockholm

2. VAT-nr: SE202100305401


Send an e-mail to  with the information about the article/journal. Please note that the first author (corresponding author) must have an employment at KTH. 

*) A hybrid journal is partially funded by subscriptions but individual articles can be made open access, usually when a publication fee (article processing charge or APC) is payed. 

**) A pure or gold open access journal is a journal where all articles are freely available for all, no subscription is needed. Usually you need to pay a publication fee (article processing charge or APC) to publish in a pure open access journal.