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Academic writing and rhetoric

Engineers and architects need effective communicative skills to be able to interact with stakeholders, clients and colleagues. The supervisors at KTH Library can help you develop your academic writing or rhetorical and presentation skills.

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Use the KTH Guide to scientific writing

The KTH Guide to scientific writing

The Guide is a kind of ‘toolbox’, a place where you can check conventions of language use in English, and improve your understanding of how to develop a text clearly.

A workshop

Attend a workshop on writing or speaking skills

About the individual consultations

In the consultation, a supervisor helps you with any stage of the writing process: getting started, overcoming writer's block, writing drafts, or finalising the details. You can also get help with speaking assignments: structuring a presentation, overcoming nerves, or producing engaging visuals.

The service is free of charge and open for all students at Bachelor’s and Master’s level.

The supervisors at CAW are lecturers in English and Swedish at KTH Language and Communication .

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Video about CAW

This short video introduces CAW and the services we provide.


During the semesters, we give workshops in various aspects of academic writing and communication. The workshops are intended for students at the Bachelor's or Master's level, or for researchers and doctoral students at KTH.

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Request a workshop

Students are also welcome to send an e-mail to  to request workshops in writing and presentations (for example for your meetings in project teams). Themes for workshops can be, for example, designing effective visuals, practising your presentation (e.g. a project presentation, report presentation or opposition talk) and learning to communicate in accordance with the norms and conventions of a specific subject area.

Avoid cheating and plagiarism

Avoid plagiarism by understanding what it is and learning how to write references.

Read more about cheating and plagiarism.

Read more about how to write references.

Resources to use on your own

Writing guides



Scientific writing can sometimes feel unfamiliar. Phrasebanks are helpful since they give you examples of sentences and scientific expressions that you can then use or rework to suit your own text.

Term banks

As an engineer, it is important that you know key terms in the languages you use. Here we list the official term banks available in Sweden and Europe:

More tools can be found under Resources .