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Fangyuan Chang, Technology in Health Care

Socio-technical Transformations in Care Practices

Fangyuan Chang.
Fangyuan Chang. Foto: Jon Lindhe, KTH
Published Nov 24, 2021

In her dissertation, Fangyuan Chang investigated the digitalization of social alarm systems in Swedish nursing homes.

What is your research about?

"My research is about uncovering the complex reality of digital transformation in nursing homes. Specifically, we investigated the digitalization of social alarm systems in Swedish nursing homes, with a focus on how the system eventually integrates into care practices during the implementation."

What applications could this lead to?

"Our research reveals that technology implementation is far from predictable outside the care context. During different implementation phases, people from different groups have distinct goals, focus on different facets, and develop diverse approaches for integrating the system into daily work. The findings can particularly contribute to the development of digital strategies or technology design strategies. Managers who are planning to implement technology in nursing homes can enhance their understanding of how frontline professionals are challenged in adapting the technology into their practices. Technology companies can use the feedback from frontline professionals as a reference to consider how their technological products can cater to user needs. Besides, policymakers can learn more about the operationalization of technology under a care context."

What impact could it make on society?

"Our society is facing the challenges of the ageing population and the increased health needs and costs that this entails. Technology is seen as promising solution while failed attempts in technology implementation projects are common. The results we found will help us gain a deeper and critical understanding of these failed attempts, and thereby alleviate the challenges mentioned above."

How did you become interested in this subject?

"With research backgrounds in product design, human factors, and ergonomics, I was always wondering how technology and related services were implemented and experienced in users’ living environments. The curiosity drives me to start the journey in the field of digital transformation in healthcare. I enjoy communicating with different stakeholders, evaluating digitalization processes and exploring how decisions should be made to improve the integration of technology in care practices."

Text: Sabina Fabrizi

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