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New Lifelong learning working group at CBH

Per Berglund, LLL coordinator at CBH
Per Berglund is LLL coordinator at CBH. Photo: Jon Lindhe, KTH
Published Nov 25, 2021

The number of Lifelong Learning courses (LLL) are increasing at CBH. A new working group has been formed in order to discuss and handle all matters of LLL. A new e-mail address has been created for contact in all LLL matters.

“We can see an increased amount of LLL courses, which is good news”, says Per Berglund, professor and Lifelong Learning coordinator at CBH.

“Many institutions at CBH have started with the courses. The Division of Ergonomics at TMH already have many LLL courses, so does FPT (Materials in a circular economy), but many institutions have modules of existing courses. That means that you study together with programme students, which can be rewarding for all students.”

Lifelong Learning coordinator

Per Berglund’s mission is to coordinate and facilitate in order to make the amount of courses increase. It could be about showing good examples of how other institutions at CBH have done and to work out a clear internal economic compensation model for these kind of courses. KTH gets external funding for LLL from The Ministry of Education.

Lifelong Learning includes basically all education targeted to students outside of KTH, mostly professionals. It can be continuing professional development for private persons, courses you can take while still working, but it can also be contract education, tailored courses that companies buy from KTH.

“The need of continuing professional development increases in society and here, higher education institutions like KTH pays an important, and partly new, role. But it is a big change for KTH to go from being a programme university to also offering these kind of courses. As a goal, KTH wants Lifelong learning courses to constitute 20 percent of all education within a few years. That’s quite a lot, says Per.”

New working group for LLL

As of this autumn, a new working group has been formed with, apart from Per Berglund, Head of Administration Marie Larsson, Educational Administration Manager Pelle Dalhammar, Educational Administrative Officers Daniel Borinder and Maria Orgmets and communications officer Åsa Karsberg. The group has weekly meetings in order to talk about and handle all aspects of LLL – from administration to how to market the courses.

If you have questions about Lifelong Learning courses, please e-mail .

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Last changed: Nov 25, 2021