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New films to highlight KTH:s five campuses

New campus films
Published May 04, 2022

Why are KTH’s five campuses located where they are? New campus films – one for each campus and one film with all campuses – explains and highlights the strategic focus areas of each campus. There’s of course no coincidence that, for instance, Campus Solna and Campus Flemingsberg are located where they are.

When KTH, in the autumn of 2020, made a survey about the satellite campuses – Flemingsberg, Solna, Kista and Södertälje – the insights where many. Both students and presumptive students lacked the knowledge about why the campuses are located where they are. Many of them believed that the campuses where placed outside the city due to ”lack of space”, or that the programmes at the satellite campuses where “easier”. The connection to research and the business sector – for example Karolinska Institutet and Huddinge hospital in Flemingsberg – very few of them were aware of.

A project group with Ewa Rönndahl (GVS), Johanna Järnfeldt (EECS), Jenni Hollbrink (ITM) and Åsa Karsberg (CBH), were put together in order to make new campus films.

The films are made with both Swedish and English voice over. Hopefully, they will help making the connection to academia and the business sector clearer, for both students and others. Please spread the films in your own network.

Watch the campus films with Swedish voice over.

Watch the films with English voice over.

Text: Åsa karsberg

Belongs to: School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH)
Last changed: May 04, 2022