Regulation 2: Account correctly for any help received and sources used

The student shall openly account for all sources used and all help received when completing the assignment.

If parts of a solution are not the work of the student, that student must inform the teacher of this.

On many occasions it is quite natural to use the material of others. During programming assignments it can be natural to use complete examples found in course literature or in literature from course management. This shall be clearly shown, for example in the form of comments in the code. When writing reports/essays, it is natural to use various types of sources; these shall be indicated in the form of references and a source list (direct quotes must be explicitly stated). Any student using another party’s idea shall clearly state the origin of the idea. This also applies to ideas expressed vocally, for example during discussions with other students.

When facing difficulties with a (programming) assignment, it may be necessary to ask a tutor or a friend for help with debugging, or a tip. This is permissible but this help must be clearly acknowledged, for example in the form of code comments or in a laboratory report, if it is a question of more than the odd code line or sentence. Any student looking for help in solving an assignment shall do so for the purpose of increased understanding – not for the purpose of rapidly and easily completing an assignment.

It is naturally not the intent for students to exist in a vacuum and not be permitted to discuss assignments with their friends. Discussion between friends is encouraged, but after discussion each and every student must do their own assignment.

It is up to the teacher to assess whether a student has done a sufficiently large part of the solution him/herself to pass.