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Students' Office

The Students' Office for the Department of Real Estate and Construction management can be found at Teknikringen 10 B, fifth floor.

Due to Covid19

Due to Covid19 we do not work at the Office for the moment. Please contact us by e-mail only.



Teknikringen 10 B
100 44 Stockholm


(only during exam periods)

At the Students' Office you can:

  • get exams 
  • hand in your application for degree project
  • get a report of your grades

All questions are handled through e-mail to . For example questions like the following:

  • Previous exams:
    If you want to get a copy of previous exams (questions and answers) in a course, please send an email writing the course code/course name. A copy will be sent to your email address. Only samples of exams with the highest grades are sent.
  • Registrations to a course at ground level:
    During the first week of lessons you can be registered (after being accepted to the course by the Study councellor) through signing your name on the list which is given to you by the teacher. If you have missed the first week of lessons you can send an e-mail with you personal identity number and the course code to the Students' Office in order to be registered.
  • Canvas
    If you have not gained access to Canvas after being registered to the course please send an e-mail with your personal number and the course code to the Students' Office.
  • Re-registration to a course:
    Students can send an e-mail with the personal identity number and the course code.
  • Web-registration for scanned examinations and middle term exams :
    Registration for exams in the department of Real Estate and Construction Management is mandatory. You can only register through your My pages   The registration opens six weeks before and closes two weeks before the date of the exam. Important! A student with FUNKA has to take contact with Funka-group.
  • Registration to exams for old courses and for students who want to improve already existing grades:
    For old course code (because course code has been changed) is not possible to see the web-registration for the exam on your personal pages. You have to contact the Students' Office. Keep in mind that the web-registration closes 2 weeks before the examination. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, there is changes in the form of examination given under the period of april to june and therefore the posibility to participate in exams to improve already given grades is highly restricted.
  • For review of a graded exam:
    In case you want your graded exam to be reviewed you can fill in the form Request for review of grade (docx 125 kB) . (Info included.) Leave it to Students' Office in original .  
  • Information on how to start a Thesis work/ Degree Project:
    Since of fall semester 2020 there are no more paper forms for application for degree projects, either on bachlor's or master's level. There is a different application process for the different levels. You can get more information and link application form for Thesis work/Degree project here .


Visiting address: Teknikringen 10 B, floor 5.

Postal address: Department of Real Estate and Construction Management, KTH, Teknikringen 10 B, 100 44 Stockholm.


Telephone: 070 166 74 07

Belongs to: Department of Real Estate and Construction Management
Last changed: Dec 23, 2020