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The department is responsible for the following education programmes and specialisations:

Bachelor's Programmes (180 cr.)

Property Development and Agency 180 cr.  (given in Swedish)

Real Estate and Finance 180 cr.  (given in Swedish)

Master's programmes (120 cr.)

Real Estate and Construction Management

Transport and Geoinformation Technology


Specialisations within the Degree programme in Civil Engineering and Urban Management 300 cr.  (given in Swedish):

- specialisation Civil Engineering and Construction Project Management

- specialisation Geographic IT

- specialisation Real Estate Economics and Real Estate Law

Doctoral Programmes

The area of Real Estate and Construction encompasses legal, economic, and management issues connected to property management, property development, and construction.

The area of Geodesy studies spatial relationships on and near the Earth’s surface for mapping, urban planning, engineering design and other scientific studies, as well as the Earth’s gravity field and its shape, including the so-called geoid.

The doctoral programmes consists of coursework totaling at least 90 credits and a 150-credit thesis. For the licentiate degree, at least 45 credits in coursework and a 75-credit licentiate thesis is required.

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Contract Education Programme

Courses are commissioned by companies. The department has a curriculum, but can also tailor courses to specific company requests. All Conract Education Programmes are currently given in Swedish.

Byggnaden Teknikringen10B
Teknikringen 10B. Foto: AIX Arkitekter
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