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  • For Spotify founder, innovation combines science and art

    He has been called the saviour of the recording industry. In any case, Daniel Ek’s creation, Spotify, has made an enormous selection of the world’s recorded music available on computers and mobile phones. On Monday, the Spotify founder visited KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

  • AI created more than 100,000 pieces of music after analyzing Irish and English folk tunes

    At turns lively and yearning, the traditional folk musics of Ireland and Britain have made their mark around the world. Now this perennially popular music is helping computers learn to become a new kind of partner in music creation.

  • All in the mix

    A music app that's about the user, Pacemaker aims not just to democratize mixing, but to make technology easier for everybody.

  • Aiming to give AI a sense of shame

    Researchers at KTH have trained AI to create folk music. The next step is to give AI an ego, the ability to feel shame and the courage to take risks. Bob Sturm at KTH is one of the researchers behind the work, and he explains why risk-taking is an important aspect of creativity and what the point of AI-generated culture is.

  • Dancers and composers interpret climate change research

    On the 5th of May, dancers and composers presented their work interpreting climate change research for a crowd at KTH Reactor Hall.