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Climate impact of payments

Professor Niklas Arvidsson
Published Apr 11, 2024

Employees at INDEK have commissioned a report on the climate impact of payment services on behalf of the Riksbank, which was presented in the program "Vetenskapens värld" (the world of science) in Swedish television

A report by Niklas Arvidsson, Frauke Urban, Fumi Harahap-Bromander and Anissa Nurdiawati for the Riksbank about the climate impact of retail payment services was featured in yesterday's "Vetenskapens värld" by SvT.

The report shows that the overall climate impact of payment services (cash, cards, payment apps, giro payments and Swish) in 2021 was less than 0,1 percent of the total climate impact of Sweden.

The report is featured after about 52 minutes in the program on this link (in Swedish):

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Last changed: Apr 11, 2024