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  • IT will solve tomorrow's energy problems

    Published Sep 01, 2010

    Reducing our electricity consumption which will lead to smarter storage and distribution of electricity are two major challenges we face. When the th...

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  • KTH research behind incredibly cheap fuel cell

    Published Jul 19, 2010

    Fuel cells are often quoted as being a replacement for the battery. They are environmentally friendly, quiet and can be recharged with new fuel when t...

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  • The steel industry supports new professorship at KTH

    Published Jun 28, 2010

    KTH will be receiving almost SEK 2 million as a start-up grant for a new professorship in metallurgical process science. It is the Hugo Carlsson Found...

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  • Professor John Ågren is the 2011 Hume-Rothery award recipient

    Published Jun 21, 2010
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  • Car brakes just as big an environmental problem as studded tyres

    Published May 25, 2010

    You have just removed your winter studded tyres. It is too early for you to breathe out, that is if you live in an urban environment. Research at KTH ...

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  • Hammarby Sjöstad influences Norra Djurgårdsstaden

    Published May 20, 2010

    The inaugural ceremony for the residential properties in Norra Djurgårdsstaden is planned for the summer 2010 with people moving in by 2012. Sofie Pan...

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  • KTH student, this year’s leading top talent

    Published Mar 16, 2010

    For the eighth year in a row, the talent network Nova 100 has elected the person they consider to be the country’s leading top talent. This year, she ...

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  • Fists of steel

    Published Jan 26, 2010

    Five percent of all people between the ages of 16 and 85 suffer from a weakened grip, and therefore have difficulties turning a tap, turning the key i...

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  • Communication breakdowns cost

    Published Jan 20, 2010

    Failing communication and deficiencies in the handling of information costs manufacturing companies large sums of money every year. Now researchers at...

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  • Easier to find oil

    Published Sep 07, 2009

    Researchers at KTH have been able to prove that the fossils of animals and plants are not necessary to generate raw oil and natural gas. This result i...

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