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PhD Studies

Third-cycle education within the ITM School is conducted in six doctoral programs – Production Engineering, Machine Design, Materials Science and Engineeering, Energy and Environmental Systems and Industrial Economics and Management, and Technology and learning.

PhD studies at the ITM School

The ITM School co-ordinates third cycle education through six doctoral programs with a diversity of disciplines, including basic as well as applied research related to significant segments of the Swedish industry, e.g. the steel, automotive, engineering and energy-related industries.

The doctoral programs also include analyses of industrial and technical changes, innovations, management and design of technologies, processes and companies. They combine high specialization in important research fields at KTH with an integrated, industrial- and interdisciplinary approach.

Doctoral programmes

  • Education and Communication Studies
  • Energy and Environmental Systems
  • Engineering Materials Science
  • Industrial Economics and Management
  • Machine Design
  • Production Engineering

Doctoral programmes and subjects

Third-cycle education courses

Third-cycle education courses by school


For questions:

All Directors of Doctoral Programs at ITM

Directors and studies officer of third-cycle education

More information about third-cycle education

Third-cycle education within the ITM School

Third-cycle, Doctor at KTH

Vacant positions

Admission to postgraduate studies is granted continuously throughout the academic year. All vacancies are announced att Vacancies at KTH .

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