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Patricia Diaz is the recipient of the Guldäpplet Anniversary Award

Published Nov 18, 2021

Patricia Diaz, doctoral student & educational developer at KTH, teacher, lecturer and author, is awarded the Golden Apple's Anniversary Award in the category Independent national actors, lecturers, authors.

The Guldäpplet Anniversary Award

This year, Guldäpplet, translated to Golden apple, celebrates 20 years. The Guldäpplet's jury awards the Guldäpplet Jubilee Award 2021 to a number of people who have had great direct significance in inspiring teachers to explore and develop the digital possibilities in school together with students and colleagues during a significant part of the twenty years between 2002–2021 - when the teacher award Guldäpplet was originally awarded.

After extensive preparations, discussions, work with several reference groups and votes, the Guldäpplet jury has decided to highlight a number of people from the years 2002-2021 who will be awarded the Golden Apple's Anniversary Award. In total, there are 20 individuals / groups in five different categories.

Patricia Diaz received the award in the category "Independent national participant, lecturer, writer" with the motivation: "For deployment and inspiration around teaching and learning with digital tools."

Read more here on Guldäpplet (Gold apple) webpage (In Swedish)

Patricia Cirera Diaz
Patricia Cirera Diaz
doctoral student,educational developer
Belongs to: The Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences
Last changed: Nov 18, 2021