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Margareta Bergman retires after 17 years at KTH.

Published Feb 15, 2022

From web editor, course administrator, project finance manager to director of studies at Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and Academic Teaching at KTH.

Congratulations on your retirement.

Margareta Bergman

What has made you stay and what have you enjoyed most about your job?
Contact with all people, course participants and teachers. To be a part of various development projects.

What is the biggest difference you see from then and now at KTH?
Lots has happened during these years. First female principal, the development of Storträff, networks and arenas  and now all the changes after the pandemic.

Some special memories and what are you most proud of?
To have been involved in starting and implementing “ Enhancing Higher Education  ”. When the EU from Brussels had an audit in Tekniklyftet (I was an economist in the project) and we did not get a single remark.

How do you feel about leaving KTH?
I will miss all the interesting people I worked with at KTH, in Sweden and internationally. But now I look forward to being free and zooming out.

What will you do in your spare time now?
First of all, I'll get a drone card. Then I look forward to a long growing season on Gotland. I have 40 chili plants in progress and potatoes and dahlias waiting to be planted. "Kulturtant" sounds cool.

A few words from Head of Department Arnold Pears & Head of Learning in STEM Lars Geschwind

Arnold "You have been an esteemed employee for me and the department, all your efforts over the years, your support when I came to KTH, your approach, our discussions about higher education pedagogical educations and international initiatives and I wish you luck in the future"

Lars "I have really appreciated you as a colleague, you are pragmatic, a problem solver and so many people in one. You have been the brain and the heart in higher education pedagogy. Thank you for your time with us."

A few words from Mats Hanson from The Learning Lab days.

Margareta and Mats at Standford

The recruitment of Margareta to KTH Learning Lab in 2004 was a fantastic success from the start. She showed through her knowledge, experience, willingness to work and enjoy how KTH and KTH Learning Labs would be developed.

She was like the spider in the net. She worked professionally with several of our development projects and as an administrator. She knew everything! If I have to highlight one little detail, which I think meant a lot, was our trip to Stanford and MIT in 2007. It provided ideas, inspiration and continued contacts that meant a lot to the educational development at KTH. I wish you Margateta a continued active life, with hopefully, close contact with KTH and us former colleagues.

Mats Hanson

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