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KTH Innovation welcomes Anna Dadfar, new Business Development Coach

Portrait Anna Dadfar
Anna Dadfar joins KTH Innovation as Business Development Coach. She will also work with the pre-incubator program and within KTH's partnership with the H&M Foundation's Global Change Award, known as the "Nobel Prize of fashion"
Published Dec 21, 2022

Hi Anna Dadfar! You have just started working as a business development coach at KTH Innovation. You have previously worked at Tele2, Almi, and Invest Sweden - tell us more!

Three career facts

  • I used to work at Business Sweden in New Dehli, India. There, I helped Swedish companies enter the Indian market and overcome cultural barriers.
  • While working at Getinge, I was responsible for launching what was at the time a highly advanced product called Freja Isolator in the Middle East. I managed to sell the first isolator in Saudi Arabia!
  • At Tele2, I was in charge of cross-border organizational improvement, from less functioning departments/processes to best practices. That required quite a lot of diplomacy and persistence!

What does working as a business development coach at KTH Innovation entail?

I will guide students, researchers, and employees from KTH when they develop their ideas. My main focus will be on medtech ideas, but I will probably broaden my scope in the coming months. I will also be working with our pre-incubator program, and in our partnership with the H&M Foundation’s Global Change Award , a global innovation challenge to reinvent the fashion industry.

Tell us a bit about your background and your previous roles!

I have a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering & Management from Linköping University. It was an interdisciplinary education with a specialization in biotechnology and industrial marketing. Since then, I have gained sixteen years of national and international business and managerial experience in lots of different areas, including business development, product launches, project management, market establishment, sales, and quality- and change management.

In my previous positions, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of companies, from early-stage start-ups to well-established businesses. For example, I have worked at Getinge International, Almi företagspartner, Tele2, Business Sweden and Invest Sweden.

What are you most looking forward to working at KTH Innovation?

I am proud to become part of KTH. It’s such an innovative and international environment. I am looking forward to contributing to the ecosystem at KTH Innovation, and to supporting innovations that help solve the problems we are facing in the world. I see myself as a catalyst, coaching idea owners to reach their potential more rapidly. I hope to be able to contribute to the development of new technologies and products, and of course the establishment of successful start-ups.

Have an idea?

Would you like to discuss your idea with Anna or one of our other Business Development Coaches? We love hearing about new ideas and research from KTH! 

Our support is confidential and always free. Contact us today!

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Last changed: Dec 21, 2022