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KTH Innovation celebrates 3000 ideas

Fireworks over KTH Campus.
Published Dec 16, 2020

Over 3000 ideas have been brought to KTH Innovation since the start in 2007. Now we want to pay tribute to all those who have taken the first step and tried developing a new idea.

Talking about your idea for the first time may feel like a big step, but for that idea to have a chance to grow and develop it needs to leave your head. Through the years, researchers and students at KTH have now told KTH Innovation about over 3000 ideas based on research or studies at KTH.

To date, over 3000 people or teams have talked about their idea or research with a business development coach at KTH Innovation. One of those coaches is Gustav Notander who has heard about over 350 new ideas himself.

- We want to pay tribute to all the researchers and students who, through the years, have ventured to take that first step towards turning their ideas into innovations. They are everything from successful startups like Volumental and Degoo to ideas that didn’t go further than the first meeting, but they should all be given credit for taking the first step and having a go.

Testing is at the core

Having a go can be said to epitomise the KTH Innovation philosophy, where the goal is for as many ideas as possible to meet the market. If the idea turns out not to be sustainable you’ve risked nothing, but you will have learnt a lot in the process. The fact is that almost a quarter of all idea owners come back with another idea. Out of the 3000 first meetings 70% have started developing the idea with the KTH Innovation process, and around 15% of them have gone all the way to the market.

- Rather than selecting the ideas we work with we support all that fulfil our criteria, says Lisa Ericsson, head of KTH Innovation. We want to inspire innovative thinking and creativity, instead of focusing solely on return of investment.

Ideas in all imaginable areas of technology

In order to qualify for support from KTH Innovation you must be a student, researcher or employee at KTH and have a technology based idea with some innovative step – meaning that it is in some way different than what is available today. Through the years, KTH Innovation has supported ideas in all conceivable technology areas from slime based contraceptives, smart water meters and AI for steel production to apps that lower energy usage and even a portable nuclear facility.

- The innovative drive at KTH has been stronger than ever in 2020. We want to celebrate all researchers, students and employees who have engaged and contributed to society this year. Together we can create a better future for all of us, concludes Lisa Ericsson.

Have an idea?

Are you a student, researcher or employee at KTH with an idea to develop or a research result with commercial potential? 

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Last changed: Dec 16, 2020