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Good results in environmental audit

Published May 24, 2022

On April 6-7, the annual external audit of KTH's certified environmental management system was carried out. The purpose was to ensure that the management system is appropriate to meet KTH's sustainability goals and implementation of measures.

KTH received positive feedback in most areas, such as the work of achieving sustainability goals, several forums for collaboration on environmental and sustainability issues and the toolbox for researchers in sustainable development.

The auditors will give KTH a continued certificate after we have submitted action plans for the three deviations that were reported. Two deviations were due to lack of and lack of knowledge about safety data sheets for chemicals. The third deviation concerned the updating of KTH's guideline on meetings and travel. The KTH Sustainability Office will contact anyone affected by the deviations or the improvement proposals received.

Thank you to everyone who participated during the audit and contributed to our continuous environmental and sustainability work!

To read the audit report in its entirety, contact