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Svein Kleiven

Biomechanics involves studying the mechanics of biological structures. It is a large and varied research field. Svein Kleiven focuses his research on injury biomechanics and especially on the biomechanics of external violence applied to the human head.

By reducing the external forces against the head, all types of brain injuries can be significantly reduced. For example, this can be done by introducing safety systems. The implementation or modification of security systems, for example in a new car model, is currently a long and complex process. In the past few years, biomechanical simulation models of the human head and body have been given a larger role in the construction of new safety systems.

The Neuronics unit at KTH is the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital. The primary focus of this research is the prevention of head and neck injuries and improving the results of clinical neurosurgery with new technological products and innovations. A special effort has been made to change the European legislative requirements in order to improve the testing standards for helmets. Another development collaboration with large parts of the European automotive industry aims to improve injury prevention by using detailed injury simulation models of the entire human body.


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