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Muhammet S. Toprak

Professor of Materials Chemistry

The development of new technologies is limited by the supply of materials and their properties. The development of new materials with new properties is therefore crucial to successful innovation. Growing numbers of interesting applications are being found for nanomaterials. Through techniques for the adaptation of the material’s size, morphology and surfaces, new possibilities have been created to tailor the properties of the nanomaterials.
Muhammet S. Toprak’s research in the field of materials chemistry encompasses design and production of inorganic hybrid and composite materials on a nanoscale. Focus has mainly been on energy- and biomedicine-related applications. Among other things, the research has resulted in materials and surfaces with the potential to increase energy efficiency in some systems by up to 25-30 per cent. A typical application area is the development of more efficient materials to take advantage of waste heat by using thermoelectric materials.
Toprak’s research team has used the toolbox of materials chemistry in developments ranging from nanomaterials for energy storage and energy conversion, to lubrication/tribology and biomedical materials, such as contrast-enhancement in biological image processing and medication administration. More energy-related applications will be studied, together with the development of environmentally friendly technologies for nanomaterial production.

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