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Conferment ceremony for PhD:s

The conferment of new doctors takes place at at Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset), on Friday 17 November 2023. Invitations will be sent out in late September. 

New doctors

In accordance with academic tradition, those who have defended their thesis and have received a doctorate degree during 27 September 2022 - 4 September 2023 will be eligible for the conferment ceremony above. The invitation is sent out by the master of ceremonies after addresses have been obtained from Ladok.

If you haven't received an invitation, please send an email to .

Ceremony and banquet

The ceremony will be held in solemn forms with a following banquet and ball. The evening will take place at Stockholm city hall. 


The dresscode 'white tie'  is strictly required for new doctors who attends the ceremony. This attire is also desirable for guests taking part in the banquet. However, no evening dress i required for those guests attending the ceremony only. For guests attending the ceremony only, the dress code is dark suit. 


The invitation is sent out to the doctors who completed their dissertation within the specified time span. If you are not able to participate the year you are invited, you can postpone your participation for one year. Send an email to with your request. 

Diploma, Doctor's hat, Doctor's ring

During the ceremony, all doctors conferred will receive a diploma. At KTH a Doctor's hat and ditto ring are not compulsory elements of the conferment ceremony. Everyone is, however, free to acquire such regalia individually.

The hat is brought to the ceremony, stored under each person's chair and then put on after the ceremony.
The charge for a hat is approximately SEK 5000 excluding gold badge. Allow at least 8 weeks for delivery. For hat orders, please contact Hattmakarna, info(@) .

Doctor's rings are ordered at Sandbergs, address: Nybrogatan 9, Stockholm phone: 08 679 90 20. You can read more here.  If you have any questions regarding the ring you are welcome to send an e-mail to stockholm(at)  


The invitation will be sent to your e-mail registered in Ladok.

For additional information regarding the ceremony and everything around it, please contact Master of Ceremonies Hanna Sundelin, E-mail:  

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