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A Social Robot in a Fur Cap


Published Nov 30, 2011

The talking robotic head Furhat will be presented by KTH researchers at the RobotVille Festival in London December 1-4.

Social robots have arrived. KTH researchers present the robotic head Furhat, able to talk to several people simultaneously.

KTH researchers from the Department of Speech, Music and Hearing are taking their innovative Furhat robot to RobotVille at London’s Science Museum. Expected to draw more than 10,000 visitors, RobotVille will feature 20 of Europe’s most advanced automotons.

“Furhat can talk to multiple people at the same time”, says Joakim Gustafson, senior lecturer at the KTH Department of Speech, Music and Hearing.

He and his colleagues developed Furhat as part of the EU-funded project Interactive Urban Robot (IURO), in which scientists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland are working together to develop a robot capable of social interaction.

The IURO scientific mission is to build a robot that can autonomously navigate in urban environments, including by asking passersby for directions.

Joakim Gustafson

For more information: Joakim Gustafson, +46-8-790 89 65;

Katarina Ahlfort

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