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He discovers heart defects by using artificial intelligence

Published Jan 25, 2018

When, on 18 January, a judging panel, including the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, announced the winner of the title Årets Studentföretagare (Student Entrepreneur of the Year) 2018, the vote fell on KTH student Max M Mohammadi. One of many factors leading to Mohammadi winning the title was his development of Heartstrings, a technique for early-stage diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases using artificial intelligence.

Johan Eklund, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, Susanne Nyberg Brehnfors, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Max M Mohammadi, Hippogriff, and Carl-Johan Rehnvall, Triton Advisers Sweden AB.

Twice as effective, 10 times faster and 49 times cheaper than any existing diagnostic method. This is how Mohammadi and the others at his company Hippogriff describe their diagnostic technique. According to the company, which Mohammadi founded, Heartstrings has the potential to save upwards of 1 million lives a year.

The award, which consists of a prize of SEK 150,000 and an entry to the international final of the same competition that will be held in Toronto, Canada, is recognition of all the hard work he has put in. 

Here is the jury’s reasoning why Mohammadi was named Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2018:

“He is a humble entrepreneur who is capable of utilising skills in a strategic manner. By expanding the user base, the quality and intelligence of the product gets better and, by employing innovative technology, he has managed to get hearts beating for longer.”

Mohammadi himself says that he is incredibly grateful for the prize and the chance to represent Sweden in the global final. Being named Student Entrepreneur of the Year is very important and can help Mohammadi realise his objectives.

Student Entrepreneur of the Year is a competition for undergraduate students who, in addition to studying at university or college, also run a business. The purpose of the competition is to highlight and support creative students who have a stong entrepreneurial spirit. Student Entrepreneur of the Year is part of the international Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) competition.

Max M Mohammadi has previously won the Brazilian Global Idea2Product competition and, in 2015, was a European Youth Award winner in the “Healthy life” category. He has two degrees from KTH: “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management” and “Sustainable Energy Technology”.

Peter Ardell

For more information, contact Max M Mohammadi on telephone +46 (0)70 715 81 16 or by e-mail at