University Board

The University Board is the top executive unit, governing KTH´s activities in most respects. Decisions are taken in strict accordance with the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance in matters of the following nature:

  • Important matters concerning internal organisation
  • Annual Report, budget issues, other reports and statements of major inportance
  • Measures taken on account of facts and reports presented to the Board by the National Audit Bureau
  • Rules and regulations of major importance
  • Other matters of a principal nature

 University Board, December 2016                                                                                         Foto: Jann Lipka

From left bottom row: Susanne Ås Sivborg, Mats Williamson, Sigbritt Karlsson, Helene
Biström, Ulf Ewaldsson
From left upper row: Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist, Vide Fernström Richter, Anna-Karin Tornberg,
Oscar Tjernberg , Andrea de Giorgio, Malin Selleby, Pontus Gard
Absent: Börje Ekholm, Li Felländer-Tsai, Jan-Anders Månson

Helene Biström

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