This is where you can find all the alternatives we can point you to when it comes to accommodation. If you want to, we can also help you in person, once you have arrived in Stockholm and at KTH, to decode ads and help you decide on which area of Stockholm is right for you.

We may as well be upfront about the housing market in Stockholm: It is quite competitive and expensive. There is a huge shortage of apartments for rent in Stockholm and the waiting time for an apartment is generally very long. The alternative is buying an apartment or house, but the prices are generally high. There are many nice areas outside the city centre that are well worth looking into since public transportation around Stockholm is very well connected, safe and reliable.

Your best chance of finding reliable, long-term housing is through your own network in Stockholm. Make friends, talk to colleagues and let them know you are looking for housing. Take your bus card and travel around Stockholm during your first year here. Most employees at KTH travel about 45 minutes to get to work each morning. According to Swedish rental law, most people can only rent out their apartment for one year, so moving each year is totally normal. As long as you are willing to keep an open mind, finding housing should not be a problem.

Stockholm's Visitor's Bureau has put together some general information about housing in Sweden, please click here .

Apartments in Sweden are regulated by a rental control system to keep the rent below what the market would dictate, and those apartments are distributed through queues or contacts.

A rental contract is known as a ‘hyresrätt’ in Swedish. There are two types of rental contracts:

  • First-hand (Förstahand)

A first-hand contract means that the apartment is in your name and you deal directly with the landlord. This usually requires several years of remaining in the housing queue.

  • Second-hand (Andrahand)

A second-hand contract is essentially a sublet, which may or may not occur with the knowledge and consent of the landlord – and this is usually an agreement for a specified time period. You should also be aware that if you sublet an apartment without consent from the landlord, you risk being evicted at short notice. Deposits are a common procedure, but should not be more than a month's rent. You should also receive a receipt (even hand-written) from the landlord for the payment of the deposit, and you should get your deposit back once you move out, unless something was broken and needed repair, and a receipt is shown for the reparations. Finding accommodation in Stockholm that will accept pets can be very difficult. A small studio apartment in Stockholm and the surrounding areas costs around 8000-10000 SEK/month. Make sure that you have had a chance to visit the apartment you are about to rent, before you pay anything. And if you rent a furnished apartment, make sure the furniture is of acceptable quality. Unfortunately, we need to make you aware of possible frauds on the housing market, please read more about this here: Avoiding housing frauds (pdf 103 kB)

When you have agreed on your employment at KTH and decided on the start date, make sure to secure your living arrangements for the first part of your stay as soon as possible. We still recommend you to not sign any binding agreements until you are in the country. Choose any of our recommendations below for an initial temporary solution and then you can either sit down with us or a colleague. As we mentioned, we can help you decode ads and sort out which area would be suitable for you and your situation.

KTH Relocation is able to help you, as an employee of KTH, with accommodation for your first year here in Sweden, depending on our availability. It is important that you have an understanding of the housing market and make a plan for what your next step will be after your first year is over, if you plan to be here longer. Please be aware that the Stockholm housing market moves very quickly, and it is usually a waste of time to look more than six weeks ahead of when you would like to move. Further below, you will find information about other housing options and queues, and it is import that you are aware of your options in the future.

Short-term housing:

Matsällskapet in Bergshamra

Small rooms with en-suite bathroom and shared kitchenette – only two tunnelbana stations from KTH Campus. Cleaning, linen, Internet and TV are all included. We charge 425 SEK per night if you stay for 7 nights or more, and 700 SEK for shorter stays, plus 12% VAT. You can stay from two weeks up to four months. Matsällskapet is primarily intended as a temporary initial solution, while you look for a more permanent solution. It can also be a solution if you only plan to visit KTH for a few weeks. Please be aware that Matsällskapet does not have accommodation for couples or families. Accommodation with Matsällskapet can only be booked through us, so please e-mail us at  for booking or more information. See pdf here (pdf 2.4 MB)  for more information.

Longer stays:

KTH Relocation apartments

KTH Relocation also has apartments located in Stockholm and the surrounding areas. These are furnished apartments, and are either studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments, or two-bedroom apartments, for larger families. These can be leased for a maximum of one year, i.e. for the first year you are in Sweden. We have a limited number of apartments and we will not be able to offer everyone a place. We do not have a waiting list for these apartments, however, we offer what we have available in accordance with your arrival date and family situation. 

Please note that we check all our tenants continually throughout the year to make sure tenants are not renting apartments anywhere else as well. If a tenant holds more then one contract we will terminate the contract you have with KTH Relocation right away. You may not sublet your KTH Relocation apartment to any other person, at any time, and we do checks on this monthly. Contracts will be terminated immediately if we discover this.

Please also note that we do not allow pets of any kind in any of our housing.

Please note that we have delayed access to our apartments these days for 2019/2020 (pdf 441 kB)  due to holidays and weekends.

Wennergren Center (WGC)

WGC  provides nice furnished apartments, from studios up to four bedroom apartments – and are walking distance to KTH and the city centre. Estimated time you need to be on the waiting list is at least 22 months and you need a PhD-degree (from outside of Sweden) to be accepted. We recommend that you apply for this at the same time as you apply for a research position at KTH.

Stockholm Bostadsförmedligen

This is a municipal agency that provides apartments all over the Stockholm area. If you are a PhD student, or plan to stay in Stockholm long-term, we recommend you get in the queue with Stockholm Bostadsförmedligen  as well as SSSB (see below). You can search for student housing through them, while you are a student, and the time you have spent in the queue and living in an apartment counts as time in the queue for their regular housing. Stockholm Bostad charges a yearly registration fee. We have heard that the waiting time can be significantly lower than SSSB's queue, so be sure you contact them.

SSSB-Stockholm's Student Housing Queue

SSSB  takes care of the student housing queue for all students in Stockholm. You must be a member of the student union in order to be active in the queue. SSSB allots student rooms and apartments in many parts of Stockholm, however, be aware that it usually takes about one to two years in the queue in order to be qualified for any housing. KTH Relocation recommends that you apply to the queue as soon as you know you will be coming to Stockholm. Student union membership can be sorted out when you arrive in Sweden.

ByggVesta's housing queue

ByggVesta , a major landlord in Stockholm has their own queue for housing, and recently has opened up brand-new student housing in different parts of Stockholm. Add yourself to their queue, it may go faster than some of the other ones.


This is a commercial agency that helps people find apartments around town. They are probably the most useful online resource for finding a second-hand rental. You can register for free on their website. They also check all housing ads for possible frauds, before they are published on their site, and remove old ads. Bostaddirekt advises everyone to create a good profile, with a nice, relaxed picture and information about yourself on Bostaddirekt's website, so possible landlords can learn a little bit about you when you do your searches. Bostaddirekt is happy to help you with their services and advise you along the way. KTH also has a corporate agreement with Bostaddirekt, which we consider very efficient. To be able to use this agreement, your supervisor must approve of the agreement and contact KTH Relocation  or Bostaddirekt  directly.

Household insurance

We also recommend you make sure that you have the insurance of your choice when it comes to a household insurance policy (hemförsäkring). As a tenant you must always have your own household insurance no matter whether you live in a rented home (hyresrätt), first- or second-hand; or if you buy a home. If you are here on your own, and you are renting from KTH Relocation, the insurance offered through Kammarkollegiet is very basic and will only cover the apartment and your belongings to a minimum amount. If you have a personnummer, and want extra coverage, that is usually included in household insurance, (like coverage when you travel on vacation), you will need a household insurance in Sweden. For more information, see our page on Insurance .

Pest control

Vermin and bed bugs have unfortunately become a problem in Stockholm, as in many other parts of the world. Getting rid of bed bugs is completely free for the tenant and will not cost you anything. You are by law required to tell your landlord that you have them in your room or apartment, and your landlord is obliged to fumigate for them and get rid of them. Your landlord will inform you how to prepare your room for fumigation and get rid of them in your clothing and textiles. It is important if you travel to clean your baggage and belongings upon your return, and not to store your luggage under your bed. Having bed bugs is nothing to be ashamed of, and if everyone helps out, perhaps we can help this problem go away.

Fire safety

Fire safety is important no matter where you live. Some things in Sweden may be different from where you come from. Please take a few minutes to watch this film , it is availalbe in many different languages.

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