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Staying at KTH less than two months?

Matsällskapet in Bergshamra

Sfären, the building where Matsällskapet is located

Small rooms with en-suite bathroom and shared kitchenette – only two tunnelbana stations from KTH Campus. Cleaning, linen, wifi are all included. Please note that Matsällskapet is only for singles, arriving without spouses or children. Accommodation with Matsällskapet can only be booked through us, so please e-mail us at  for booking or more information. See pdf here (pdf 2.4 MB)  for more information, including pricing.

Staying at KTH for longer than 2 months?

KTH Relocation apartments

A kitchen in a KTH Relocation apartment

KTH Relocation also has apartments located in Stockholm and the surrounding areas. These are furnished apartments, and are either studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments, or two-bedroom apartments, for larger families. These can be leased for a maximum of one year, i.e. for the first year you are in Sweden. We have a limited number of apartments and we will not be able to offer everyone a place. We do not have a waiting list for these apartments, however, we offer what we have available in accordance with your arrival date and family situation. 

You may not sublet your KTH Relocation apartment to any other person, at any time, and we do checks on this monthly. Contracts will be terminated immediately if we discover this.

Please also note that we do not allow pets of any kind in any of our housing.

Please note that we have delayed access to our apartments these days for 2019/2020 (pdf 441 kB)  due to holidays and weekends.

Housing queues you should join:

Wennergren Center (WGC)  (for postdocs and researchers who have a PhD from outside of Sweden)

Stockholm Bostadsförmedligen  general housing queue, and also a queue for students

SSSB  Stockholm's student housing queue

ByggVesta , a landlord in Stockholm building new housing

To search for housing on your own


Household insurance

See our page about household Insurance . If you have a personnummer, you will need to get a policy on your own.

Pest control

Vermin and bed bugs have unfortunately become a problem in Stockholm, as in many other parts of the world. Getting rid of bed bugs is completely free for the tenant and will not cost you anything. You are by law required to tell your landlord that you have them in your room or apartment, and your landlord is obliged to fumigate for them and get rid of them. 

Fire safety

Fire safety is important no matter where you live. Some things in Sweden may be different from where you come from. Please take a few minutes to watch this film , it is availalbe in many different languages.

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Last changed: Sep 19, 2019