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Financial information

KTH Relocation recommends getting a good idea of what your personal finances in Sweden will be like before you arrive at KTH.

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To consider about your finances in Sweden

How much do I need to live on?

The Swedish Institute and the Swedish Migration Board both mention on their websites that you should have at least SEK 8694 per month (this is just for a single person, it is more if you are bringing your spouse or family with you) to be eligible for a visa/resident permit or a work permit. It is very hard to get by on that amount. A month’s travel card for the public transport in Stockholm costs SEK 1020 and a very basic student room around SEK 6,000-8,000 per month. Add food and insurance costs to that amount and you can easily understand how far your salary will go per month.

Getting a bank account

Bank account instructions


The tax authority will answer all questions about taxes in Sweden.

Skatteverket, tax authority

Tax relief for foreign key personnel

Foreign key personnel – executives, experts, researchers, and others – may qualify for special tax relief when working in Sweden. You must submit your application within three months of the start of your employment.


Dual residence

If you are going to be employed by KTH, and pay tax in Sweden, you may apply for a tax reduction, due to dual residence, if you keep a residence outside of Sweden.

Common deductions in the tax return, dual residency

Mecenat, student discount card

If you are going to be a PhD in Sweden, you will be able to get your student discount card.

Unemployment insurance

Swedish workers are only eligible for a minimum amount in unemployment pay should they lose their jobs.

It is up to you to make sure you are covered by an A-kassa should you lose your job, KTH is not responsible for this.

Sweden's A-kassor, unemployment benefits


National pension in Sweden

Occupational pension, SPV

Pension from working elsewhere in the EU