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Bank accounts

If you have a residence permit to be in Sweden, you have a right to get a bank account.

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Getting a bank account after your arrival

We recommend all newcomers to see a bank shortly after their arrival in order to open a bank account. You may choose any bank, but KTH holds an agreement with Nordea Bank  at Hamngatan 12, for KTH staff members and scholars to open a bank account without the personnummer nor a Swedish ID-card.

Please bring

  • Your passport
  • Your residence permit (only non-EU citizens)
  • Your work contract or scholarship contract

These are the steps you need to follow in order to get an account:

1. Nordea will give you a bank account with a debit card and it will come in the post, and the pin code will come separately

2. Fill out the “överförningsuppdrag” (bank transfer) form  with your account number and temporary employee number (you can get this from your HR administrator) and send it to Nordea.

3. Once you receive your ID card you will need to go back to Nordea to open a new account, and apply for an electronic Bank ID  .

4. Fill out a new “överförningsuppdrag” (bank transfer) form  and send it to Nordea. You can do this now with your electronic Bank ID.

If you do not inform Nordea of your account numbers, or wait to open an account, you risk receiving your salary on a check. Checks cannot be cashed without a Swedish ID. You can, however, cash the check in when you open your bank account. Nordea will charge for this.

You may wait for your personnummer and ID card, however, be aware that the waiting time might be quite long and you risk going without your salary in the meantime.

You can open an account in another bank, however you should first have your personnummer and ID, and you may need to be persistent. Everyone with a residence permit in Sweden has a right to a bank account.

If you have any problems with Nordea, or setting up a bank account, contact KTH Relocation  right away.

Paying with cash

Cash is no longer accepted at most places. If you bring cash with you to spend in Sweden, be aware that where you can spend it is limited. Grocery stores and some stores will accept your cash. Otherwise, you will need to pay with a card. To pay an invoice in cash, you will need to visit Forex. Swedish banks no longer handle cash.

Forex Bank

Pay your invoice at KTH Pay

If you have an invoice from KTH Relocation, you can pay it with a credit card easily at KTH Pay.


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Last changed: Jan 22, 2021