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Health and medical care

In an emergency, call 112 (valid for the whole country) for the ambulance, fire brigade and police services and for poison information.
For non-critical emergencies, and general health advice, call 1177. They are open all day, everyday.

Ambulance driver taking out equipment from truck

Medical care

If you get sick or need healthcare

Contact Vårdguiden 1177

Do you have personnummer?

If you have a personnummer, you will be covered as any other person in Sweden, and can book an appointment and see a doctor at the clinic (vårdcentral) of your choice. People only seek out medical care if there is an issue, check-ups are not standard practice in Sweden.

You are here without a personnummer

You will need to pay out-of-pocket first and then seek reimbursement, either from your own insurance or Insurance for foreign visitors , which covers all visitors to KTH. Please note this insurance does not include check-ups or pre-existing conditions.

Pharmacist helping a customer

Register at the health centre of your choice

Once you have your personnummer, you need to register for the health centre (vårdcentral) of your choice. You can create an account on 1177  and do it there, or send in the forms directly to the centre of your choice, below:

The social well-fare system

The social well-fare system in Sweden i organized through Försäkringskassan . In order to get access to the various services you need to be employed in Sweden and have a Swedish Personal Number. Through Försäkringskassan you may apply for child allowance, housing allowance, financial support on sick leaves and rehabilitations etc.

Fill out the form for access to the Swedish Social Well-fare System

Dental care

Costs for dental care for adults are out-of-pocket, except for a minimal general care benefit. Children's dental care is free. The only place that offers a type of dental insurance is Folktnadvården, the state-run dentist clinics. You can also call 1177 if you have a question about dental care.

Dental care for adults through Folktändvården

Dental insurance through Folktandvården

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Last changed: Jun 29, 2023