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How do you receive a package in Sweden?

Post office sign

Postal service and Receiving packages

Post offices, run by Portnord are nowadays a service integrated in various shops; such as grocery stores, kiosks and gas stations. The post office services are usually open as long as the store is open.

Packages are normally never delivered directly to your building in Sweden. Usually, you receive a piece of paper in your postbox telling you where you can pick up your package. If you supply your mobile phone number when you order something, or download Postnord's app , you can get notifications by SMS or in the app that your package is ready to pick up. It is up to you to arrange transportation home for your package from the pick-up center.

Postnord, postal service

Phones & Internet

If you have a mobile account in the EU, you can bring your phone and use it here. However, some people may be wary of calling a non-Swedish number to reach you. You can buy sim cards for mobile accounts at phone stores and some convenience stores. Sweden is known for its fast, affordable internet.